Hi all

I thought I would join in the pattern mix fun by posting a collection of some of my pattern mixes. Some older, some newer.

I pattern mix a lot. I enjoy it partly as a creative challenge and partly because it helps me to get more variety and mileage out of the patterned items in my wardrobe.

My versions are not as adventurous or trendy as the versions that Angie shows but I think they apply some of her principles.

Pics 1-6: pattern mix lite. Easy pattern mixes where I used accessories to add another layer of pattern (scarf, guitar strap, handbag, jewellery, shoes). Lots of geometrics, florals, stripes and animal print, which are easy to mix (no 1 on Angie’s list).

Pics 7-9: quiet and loud pattern mixes. Small dots or squares with larger, bolder patterns (chevron, baroque, abstract). No 2.

Pics 10-17: black and white pattern mixes. The monochrome colour palette makes it feel comfortable for me, even when the patterns are big and bold. I am fond of this type of pattern mix and probably do it about once a week. Lots of stripes and florals. Nos 1 and 3 on Angie’s list.

Pics 18-21: “neutral” or low contrast pattern mixes (no 4). Both of the tweed jackets have a pattern but it’s subtle and almost neutral. So they are easy to pattern mix. My ombré jacket falls into the same category. I seem to be able to wear it with almost any pattern. And the subtle pattern on the space dye skirt also makes it easy to pattern mix. I suspect a lot of people do this sort of a pattern mix but don’t think of it as a pattern mix.

Pic 22: repeated pattern (no 5 on Angie’s list). Matchy-matchy pattern mix!

I hope to see some more pattern mixing on the forum. Just don’t ask me to colour mix