Hi all! I'm having a bit of a style identity crisis and knew I needed to reach out to the experts here at ylf.

I recently got a promotion to an executive position in my organization. (Yay! I'm so excited and really loving the job.) I'm the only woman at this level. Since I took on my new role, I've been surprised by how much I've been feeling unsettled by getting dressed in the morning. I'm feeling unsure of what to wear and I don't have any women at the same level or above me to use as a style guide.

My previous position required business attire, but the external community in which I worked valued style so there was room for flexibility to add trends. And there were tons of fabulously dressed women with all different types of style who inspired me daily.

In my new position, I'm much more internal facing. Many of the people with whom I will interact externally dress fairly conservatively. However, my male counterparts at the office are definitely style conscious. The cut of their bespoke suits are modern (think very tailored, shorter pant hems.) They wear bold ties, often go beyond the traditional shirt colors (one recently wore a pink gingham print shirt) and often have suits that incorporate fun colors (think a pinstripe suit with a color in the stripe - that sounds weird as I write but works in real life).

Over the years, ylf has helped me recognize my magpie gene, a love of color, and a love of pattern, but these are suddenly not feeling authoritative or business-like enough. I've committed to prioritizing quality and adding elegant fabrics to my wardrobe in 2018, but I'm kind of at a loss as to what styles to add. I'm leaning toward lots of structure. But am I destined to have a closet full of neutrals in traditional silhouettes? That doesn't feel like me, but currently my closet doesn't feel like my job. I'm definitely not living Angie's mantra of having fun with fashion right now.

Have any of you gone through this? What did you do? Have any advice? Also, I welcome tips on OOFD blogs that focus on professional style that you like.