I am wearing sneakers less than ever these days, but like to always have a current version or two in my closet for occasions when they are the best choice. I haven't bought a pair in a while and I think it is time to add something new from the sneaker/sneaker hybrid space, and wondering what types are trending right now. After this, I probably wouldn't be getting something new for about two years.
This was prompted by planning my trip to Europe in a month - I will be first going to Vienna for a week and then visiting my parents for another week. There will be a couple of flights, one with a very tight connection at a very busy and large airport (Frankfurt) and a couple of very long car rides, as well as lots of walking. Plus, it turns out that I am flying 5-ish times a year for work, so these shoes would see lots of use. I am a fan of Converse and have a couple of pairs of high-tops, but they are two much work for airports, thus I do not want Converse. I have some slip-on sneakers but they are getting very worn. I also have white Stan Smiths but they never felt much like me and are getting hardly any wear.
So, what kind of sneakers are trending now and would be good choice for airports? Slip-on styles are easy to get on and off but one can't wear socks with them. I have seen people rave about Everlane street shoes. I have always liked those Cole Haan Zero Grand hybrids but seem to see less of them around these days. I also like classic euro styles like the Caspian below. Any other suggestions and thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.