Thanks, Catherine. I just ordered the Champions in a narrow. I hope they work because they look super cute. I like dainty sneakers.

OK, so this may not work if you don't have low volume feet, but...

I am super lazy and hate tying my shoes, but the truth is that lace up shoes fit my feet best. So what I do is skip the topmost set of eyelets on my sneakers and oxfords, which on my feet means I can get them on and off without untying the laces. So, pretty much just as fast as slip ons and they stay on my feet better. YMMV though.

How about wearing a nice pair of loafers? As we don't live in the same part of the world, I cannot give you specific recommendations, but most probably you will be able to find a suitable pair of loafers where you live. Many loafers are comfortable as well as look chic and polished. Loafers can be worn with or without socks. with plenty of outfits and for several kinds of occasions. Can be very useful when traveling. If you want a summery look, choose a light or bright pair.

I can never use a pointy toe for true comfort walking. I also favor lace ups for that because it’s so hard to get perfect snug fit in slip-ons, but that’s me.
I like the Caspians even though they are a little wide in the heel for me. Really like low- profile, more refined sneakers than the clunky type, but then I’ve kind of decided to go for what looks best on my feet & legs than for top trends.