I know I'm ahead of myself seasonally, but I'm on the lookout for black booties this year (and maybe a cognac wildcard). Since I was unsuccessful finding anything last year, I thought I'd venture a bit out of my known brands to try on something to give me the comfort I need.

I have a medium, but narrower foot that I would say is pretty low volume. I've been wearing clarks and born brands the most, but am now finding them a bit too low in the arch and not quite enough cushioning for all day walking (yes, I have been playing around with inserts too). I also have one pair of merrells and one Sam Edelman that are pretty good, but not enough for the longest days. It could also be the styles, and not the brands that are the issue. I am not looking for a heel, and it doesn't have to be the prettiest thing, although I do hope for something I find somewhat visually appealing.

So here are the questions:

1) do you have a go to brand that often works for you that you'd consider good for all day walking?

2) what foot type do you have, so I can get a gauge?

I don't live where it rains or snows, so weatherproofing is not an everyday need of mine. I've eyed munros and Frye boots in the past, but don't see them in stores where I live. I'd need to order online and try on. Plus, I fall into the nebulous size 10-11. Why don't more people make a size 10 1/2 or equivalent?

I know everyone's foot is different. I'm just trying to hone in on a few brands to give a try to. TIA.