I'm quite certain I could walk long distances in all of my Clarks, Dansko and Alegria boots. I'm not sure about the others, as I haven't tested them. They all do quite well for moderate walking, though, and I must point out that I have bunions as well as intermittent pain in my feet (sometimes ankles, sometimes toes, sometimes up through the middle of my foot). Like I said, I have foot problems. They just haven't figured out what's causing the shooting pain.

I didn't get too excited at the booties for NAS. I will be looking IRL before ordering online, and may need to wait a bit for stores to get their fall selections.

The only boots I "need" now are tall boots that are dressy enough to wear with nice dresses but that have a low heel and come in a wide width. I'm not doing an active search, though. I've already spent my wad this year.

Josef Seibel. - the best... foot surgery on right foot.

I have a pair of tall Ecco gray boots that are OK.. but not as great as the Seibel's.

Paul Green.

I have medium volume feet with high arches and a somewhat narrow heel and ankle. My feet must have great arch support and, because of bad knees, I do best with a 2" or 2-1/2" heel. I can wear somewhat lower, but not flat. My PG booties fit so well I can, literally, walk in them all day. Because of the bad knees, I don't walk all day very often, so that I can do so in those booties says a lot!

I have other booties I enjoy quite a lot--my Eileen Fisher is very good--and I'm always on the lookout for another great bootie.