Ravishing retro!! Hemming the dress a bit to a midaaxi length will help. It seems like the dress would be an excellent transition piece for fall or early spring. Love your hair too!!

I have a similar one, but with a halter neckline. It's definitely hot on the legs in true summer weather :/
I shortened mine by a little bit, so I could wear it with flats and not trip on it.

I agree with others that this looks retro to me, very 70s! Does that suit your current style? Shortening it and pairing it with some knee-high boots and a black turtleneck underneath would really lean into the 70s style.

I’ve been wearing a gingham woven sleeveless dress that length, so I am biased to like the length.

I also really love the funky pattern. I am liking the chunky cable knit, or loose weave sweater and combat boots (so for that, yeah maybe shorten a tiny bit) suggestions if too hot as is for summer.

If you can brave it in warmer weather, I like it as it is with big unique earrings. Or chunky rings.

Totally rad retro. You could stack up bracelets, at least on one arm, to amp the vibe a bit more.

Thank you so much for all this really helpful feedback! I am totally floored that y’all are so kind about my HAIR because I am growing it out after a long period of buzz cut, and it feels awful and straggly to me! (How much of my life have I spent in “the awkward length” stage? I’m always cutting, growing, cutting....)

Especially my short hair idols, Angie and Shevia, and others with short crops, your comments have a special place in my heart

I think the dress looks great! I especially like the shorter length. You look gorgeous in it, a keeper I think.

The shorter length looks great! I like it even more now.

Late to this, but the ankle-baring length is excellent! I think the full-on maxi length is maybe a little too literal-70s (or 70s filtered through the 90s), and raising the hem a couple inches makes it more practical, more flattering *and* more current. I can totally picture this with a big chunky cardi thrown over the top too. Very fun!

I feel you on the constant hair-cycling. I don’t know the meaning of “maintenance” and seem only capable of a pendulum swing between big chops and big grow-outs. I guess it’s a part of who I am, so I’m trying to own it at this point (and not get rid of all my turtlenecks just because my hair is down to my shoulders ). I love that soft tousled pixie stage — it really looks wonderful on you!

Oh wow, just a little change makes a big difference! Now I love it.

Amazing! Loving the new length! Sandals are very cool

I really like this at the shorter length -- it looks great on you!

Wow, that little trick produced quite the transformation. I think the shorter length looks really good.

This looks good. I’d also call it retro. I have to note, tho, there’s no ‘rebellion’ in this dress, which is why maybe it feels ‘boring’...

Like the new length - better proportions ( and more visible fun
sandals )!

The shorter length is good. Rachylou makes a great point; if you want rebellious, you have to add it.

I love it this length! Great re-purposing!

I liked it in the first photos, but it is so improved with the knotting and shorter length. It is now such a useful dress for summer, well done on this project.

I also liked the original length but the new length is stunning!

YES Rachy I think you've put your finger on it. For most outfits I strive for either "sophisticated" (for professional contexts) or "edgy/rebellious" (for casual or personal). Ideal outfit would include both of course! I feel that this dress is really neither BUT maybe that's OK for a super casual BBQ or something. Adding earrings or a cooler bag might seal the deal in a better way.

I really like the new length.

Gorgeous dress. Not dated at all. Looks GREAT on you.