After 3 weeks of working from home, we are seeing promising signs that our rate of sickness is stabilising. Hopefully everyone stays home at Easter and does not undo the progress made. I have been catching up with clients and colleagues via Skype, Microsoft Teams and Zoom so not feel isolated even if not in physical proximity of my colleagues.

My WIW is generally at Level 2. We have variable weather from 20C max to 37C, so I am mainly wearing my summer clothing.I have found that wearing jeans is so easy to do, even for me a confirmed dress wearer.

Interesting to hear which outfits you like and which are falling flat. It is a mixed bag. Personally I like 1, 2, 8 and 10 the best. I am not loving the Boden dress, which is fine for just wearing whilst in lockdown, it is nice to wear and comfy. The blouse in 6 I like but my boss did ask me when seeing me on video conference if I was wearing a nighty, so not sure about it now. I feel good in my jeans but not great... so jeans are important and practical but will never be the backbone of my wardrobe, even if we are in lockdown for many months to come.

I have rediscovered my pink loafers which make a great house shoe and my flat or low heeled footwear.

Photo 1 day at work, pink top and leopard skirt
Photo 2 weekend, t shirt and check pants with Bruce Lee track jacket
Photo 3 dance party outfit, Saturday night at home with my boys
Photo 4 Work day Boden dress and denim jacket
Photo 5 jeans and pineapple jacket
Photo 6 - yellow blouse and jeans
Photo 7 - love t-shirt and denim skirt
Photo 8 - dark floral maxi dress
Photo 9 - pink shirt and jeans
Photo 10 - black top and leopard skirt with scarf
Photo 11 - wearing autumn colours with Bijou
Photo 12 - gingham maxi dress