Angie's sheer top post really touched on my summer tops dilemmas--I need coverage and no grinning so I tend toward dark colors, but could also really use a lighter color to look summery with darker bottoms.

Here is a Talbot's linen sweater I'm trying because it's a thicker knit.
I really like how easy it seems to wear--toss over pencil skirt or slim pants.
2 dilemmas are: size, and whether it's still too sheer--it does "grin" a bit with dark bottoms--black pants especially--but I think IRL it might be tolerable.
I actually could wear a nude cami under, since I'll be in A/C, if needed for upper camoflage, but that would not fix the contrast issue completely.

1-2--XS first then S with skirt
3-4 XS then S with tapered pants
5--? I think XS with pleated pants (Angie, cover your eyes--I can't roll them any higher as they stick to my calves there)

XS isn't as overwhelming but also does not give as much of a modern slouchy look. S is pretty big--it starts to get heavy, actually-- but the extra hip room and length helps over slim pants especially -- being a bit more tunic-like gives me the coverage I want with the pants (clothing confidence that we've discussed!) .

Pic 6 --not going to keep this AT linen back-button sweater. I like the style very much, but it's very thin, itchy, and wrinkly--so the fabric does not project a polished-enough look; maybe would work for casual wear. Plus, while the color is a good light neutral, it's blah on me, in this fabric.

Pic 7-- WIW pic: AT "chambray" shirt (not a true chambray) + pencil skirt. I'm really preferring slightly longer skirts--even just an inch-- but still really like this one and am trying to get some summer use. Ballet flats may be a bit blah as well but I wanted a not-busy shoe with the skirt pattern, and long-day comfort.

I have a leaning on the Talbot's sweater but will await opinions! Or, do I not have the frame to carry it off, anyways? I just realized also perhaps it comes in petite and I should try PS.

Also, it comes in a lovely gleaming brownish color--Driftwood I think-- but it does not work for the bottoms I need. It is lovely with white pants. Shout out to Parsley.

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