Hi everyone,

It's been a dog's age .... we moved into our new home in Portland ME on August 1, and since then we've been renovating, unpacking, decorating, and settling in. I haven't been purchasing clothing, but I haven't really been getting dressed much either, so it feels like I have a new wardrobe for fall even though it's just that I have last year's to play in. I have to keep buying to an absolute minimum and have bought only 4 or 5 items since the beginning of the summer. Every penny is being funneled into the house. Having no closet space helps keep me from making impulse buys.

But I did make my annual birthday purchase (with Lisa P's emotional support) and I am really excited about it. It won't arrive until November, but that's okay. (See below.) It's heavyweight Belgian linen with silk lining. For me, it will be an indoor topper for colder months and an outdoor topper for the warmer months. I hope to use it year-round that way. I've been lusting after it for several years and decided to buy it for this year's birthday, which is right around the corner.

If anyone is interested in it, Emerson Fry is only taking orders on it through today or tomorrow, so you'll need to act quickly. (They've become a small batch company, so the pressure is always on.) My winter coat from EF from last year has been a workhorse so I have high hopes for this one. I sized down, as I did last year. Fingers crossed.