I’m going against Angie’s advice here, I understand. But hear me out.

In March I was on a quest to find cotton sweaters. My favorite place (COS) didn’t have what I was looking for, Massimo Dutti had a knit that I really liked but it had long and wide sleeves. I can do either but not both, so it was returned. JCrew looked promising but I was not happy with the price and decided to wait and see if it will go on sale. It didn’t. Meanwhile, I decided to try other places - first, a new to me Kotn. We actually have a store and I visited it. The cotton sweaters were sold out. They were on sale on their website but no returns on sale items. I didn’t go for it. The store had a vibe of kind of sporty aesthetic, not exactly my style. I ordered a couple of sweaters from Zara. I don’t shop there anymore, last time I bought anything was probably more than 2 years ago. And I will not be coming back. There was nothing, technically wrong with their sweaters but it just wasn’t the weight and quality I was looking for. Return - 100%.
Next, I placed an order for cotton sweaters from Gap. And while at it, I threw a couple of other things like High Rise Stride jeans that other fabbers like, a denim skirt and light wash jeans from Old Navy. So, the sweater are so close but… I sized down but they were still too big. I was contemplating ordering a smaller size but the neck opening is a bit too wide for me. Also, the design is a copy of a very popular in the last 3 years sweater from Toteme. This style is literally is in every store. But nice cotton knit, solid colors in my size were not available. As I expected, denim from Gap just doesn’t work for me. Jeans were too wide, a denim skirt’s front slit was more like a triangle cut out.
Return - 100%
as I was carrying my heavy bag to return Gap items, I was thinking that I should probably keep some retail stones unturned. I know brands that work for me and should just wait until they come up with what I’m looking for. It will save me time and frustration. I’m open to try a new to me brand once in a while but don’t have patience to search in hope to discover some gems.
That’s just me. My cotton sweater is still out there. I also ordered from Everlane but need a smaller size. Waiting for all returns to clear and then maybe will order from them. Don’t know how it will look in a smaller size, though.
Photos: #1 ON jeans, #2 - 5 Gap, #6 Everlane.
Oh, sorry, it’s long. What are your thoughts on selective shopping?

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