I almost said pretty instead, but I really don't want a feminist debate and I know that word bothers some people! I've just been trying to figure out what is bothering me about my wardrobe and I think I'm getting somewhere. I'm just not sure what I can do with it.

My years old acronym was EASY for elegant, artistic, soft, yes factor. (Plus if I had my way I'd prefer everything to be easy.) I have a closet full of things that are pretty, no way around that word. Soft, romantic, and gentle. I liked them all and by themselves I still do. It's just me in them I'm liking less.

The past two years double whammy of pandemic and a spouse with cancer have aged me a lot. I'm 62 but I say I'm 10 years older than I was 2 years ago. I'm not really joking. I look it and feel it. But there has also been some positive growth. I'm stronger, tougher, less willing to put up with stuff. It's my conclusion that my previous style is too soft and sweet for me and that's why I like them hanging in my closet and not so much myself in them. I put them on and they don't feel "me" anymore. I used to say I had no edge. Now I've grown a bit of edge.

Two fabbers whose style I really admire are Janet and Lana. Both have the artistic element and the ease and the creativity I admire, but both also project some edge and strength, and less softness than my clothes have. I'm just not sure how to get there from here. And can I get there without jeans? (Boring reasons, but I don't wear them.)

I've decided my new acronym will still be EASY but with tweaks..."edge-adjacent" (real edge, I'm not there yet) instead of elegant, artistic, soft-feeling (this time only for the physical feel of the clothes...still necessary for me), and yes factor. Not sure how to do this because I'm still not doing much in store shopping, I don't want to buy a bunch of new things right away, and I don't know how to spot edge-adjacent. Real edge seems more clear.

My ideas: Keep looking at fabbers I admire and figuring out more specifically what it is I admire. And maybe try Pinterest. I'm the least visual person in the world, so maybe a board of pictures would be more concrete than just trying to imagine.

Any other suggestions? Thanks for reading. Wow, I never post these long ones!