I am constantly on the hunt for lightweight layering turtleneck tops with snug necks. They are a wardrobe essential for me in my long cold winters. I run very cold, and find merino and cashmere turtleneck sweaters itchy next to my skin so I always put a layering t-neck underneath, but it needs to have a snug neck or it will look bunchy. I sometimes wear them under vnecks, crewnecks, or shirt collars, and for those looks I also want a snug fit that stays up, and prefer them scrunched rather than folded.

My issue is that I find it almost impossible to find ones that have a slim enough neck fit for my very thin neck, that also hold their shape. Most of the ones I’ve seen in the last few years have a loose neck which I dislike intensely, because they are not warm enough and IMHO look really sloppy. Once in a while I randomly find one at a place like TJmaxx that works but then I can’t duplicate it. Some work but after a few washes the neck looses it's shape completely. (I don’t put any clothing in the dryer.)

I bought new ones this year from my two mainstays, LLBean and Lands End, and both are massive fails. The fabric is reasonable quality but the necks are way too loose. They have varying amounts of spandex, which doesn’t seem to make a difference one way or another, the necks are just cut too big for me . I also have a few fleece ones from Uniqlo but the necks are a little looser than I’d like and the fabric is too thick to use as an underlayer. I wear those for outdoor activities where I’m also wearing a scarf or a neck gaiter so the looseness dos not matter. I’ve tried ones with some amount of a “dressier” fabric like rayon and they are hopeless in terms of having a neck piece that is structured, snug enough, and stays up.

Do any of you know of manufacturers who make cotton (or blend) layering turtlenecks with a very thin neck that hold their shape and do not loosen up after a few washings?

Thanks for any suggestions!