This is it - we are leaving for our Portugal vacation tomorrow night! All my stuff is packed in a carry-on and we will see how I fare with it.
This is the last set of my WIW - hopefully when I am back in mid-March I won't need winter boots anymore!

pic 1
I am trying to wear this Hinge jacket I got on my first NAS but I have a real problem styling it and feeling fab in it. I think one of the reasons that it should be a bit bigger - I cannot get rid of a feeling that it is too small on me. My niece is going to visit us this summer, if she likes it I will pass it on I think

pic 2
Tried to branch out of snow boots but had to lag these combat boots to work as it was very slippery to walk in them. This is one of the rare cases when I felt like wearing a scarf - like this combination of yellow, green and white!

pic 3
I have decided that it has been a long time since I wore my midi dress. I was too lazy to bring spare shoes to work so I wore my Blondo boots. I still think that flared midi skirt looks better with a more dressy heeled boot so maybe this is my level 2 item now - to complete my winter dress and skirt capsule?

pic 4
I have rebelled and wore my white trousers and booties to work because I was driving. Still had to show wonders of equilibrium to walk 100 m from the icy parking lot to the office
Here I have a question: what is more flattering for me - full tuck or semi-tuck? I adore how elegant Angie tucking into her trousers but I am afraid it looks less that stellar on me. Also the trouser waist edge between the top and the belt really drives me crazy when it is not a low contrast!

pic 5
Another outfit with Shannon's slouchy trousers like in pic 2 but can you spot a difference? My mom tried to taper the openings a bit so they look better in this shorter-than-ideal length. However she could not taper just hems so she tapered them from the knee and - alas - they are a bit tight in the calves now I seem not be able to get those trousers right!

This was it and now I am going to dress out of my suitcase for 2.5 weeks. I am sure I will be sick of my clothes well before I am back but hopefully I have enough distractions in the sightseeing, great food and a bit of shopping to make it less stressful.
I am apologizing in advance if I won't be able to reply to the comments on this post tomorrow - it is going to be a pretty crazy pre-travel day.

See you all in 3 weeks!!!!!!

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