I like to try trendy footwear, especially in summer when the clothes are mainly used for staying cool, not to make a fashion statement. Often, I'll try a cheap version first to "try on" the trend. This year I'd like to try lace-up sandals. At first I thought they'd be a pain to put on (summer needs to be easy!) but decided to try the ON ones. I sent them back because they were too long in the smallest size. They did, however, make me realize the brilliance in this type of shoe - adjustability in the width for my slightly wide and "prone to swelling in the summer heat" foot. The problem is not all of these lace-ups have adjustability across the first strap where I need it.

Cue these sandals (Matisse) - more money than I wanted to spend at first but now that I realize I can sort of customize the fit - maybe worth the $.

What do you think of these? Has anyone tried them? Or this brand?

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