Like Janet and a few others, I've been on the hunt for an easy summer dress to replace a couple I've retired due to wear. What I want is an easy, casual dress to wear around the house (or out, if the spirit moves) and it can't be short or overly bare.

Today I got this dress from Barbour.


  • Gorgeous cotton jersey, nice hand and weight -- 1000 times nicer than most dresses of this kind.
  • Navy stripe reads as faux solid grey -- works easily for me due to my colouring.
  • Easy fit.
  • Pockets.
  • Nice length. Can wear with sneakers, sandals, stompy boots in early fall.
  • Works with my denim jackets.
  • Affordable (I got it on sale).


  • Why oh why did they embroider Barbour on the boob??????? (Note -- this is not visible in the product photo — artfully disguised by the model's hair. Nor is it mentioned in a single review!!!)

I'm frustrated. I think this little nameplate is a deal breaker for me and it's so unfortunate because the dress is otherwise great. Admittedly, the gathering initially made me wonder if it reads as too young or twee for me, but I could overlook that for the sheer comfort factor, TBH.

Would love your thoughts, though. Maybe I can accept this for mostly at-home wear...

ETA: Possible solution downthread, thanks to NancyW!

So....on reflection, I've decided to return this dress after all. I love a lot about it, but even though at a sale price, it's more than I want to spend on something that's going to bug me whenever I wear it. Now, on the lookout for a similar thing. Sigh....

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