Oh my goodness, now I love them! They look so good with your pants, especially the harem pants. I did like them also with a few of the dresses, namely the first one and the black one, but really like them with pants. Keep!

I think they look good with all the outfits you've shown. They seem like they would be really versatile. I actually see them as going quite well with your style. Somehow the straps seem to bring that little bit of edge.

Yes, yes, YES! They look SPECTACULAR with your pants/harems, perhaps even better than whatever sandals of yours I've seen with them. Wow.

WOW. You've styled the new sandals like a pro, Sharan. KILLER ALL ROUND. Thanks for posting more pics. LOVE this dainty sandal look on you.

*happy dance*

OK, now that I've seen them with your other clothes, I love them. It makes me want to get a pair myself!

Thanks, everyone!
Skylurker, I was on the fence about those light pants with the sandals, because of the length. I will try rolling--thanks for the idea!

Okay so now you really styled them and they look great! I guess I only thought they were too dark with the light colored dress - with all of those other outfits they are fab.

I love when the final decision is posted. I hope you wear your new shoes for a long time to come with great happiness.

Perfect place to join this thread! I cannot tell you how much more I love the sandals with your last round of styling than I did from the first set with the dresses.

Big wows in the later group, for sure! Love the long black skirt and the outfit in #10 (now I can't scroll back up to see them to make more specific comments...) Glad you kept them.

Well NOW I vote Yay! I love them with all the pants esp the black harem ones and the step hem jeans and wide cuff pants. Even though pants hide your amazing calves I also still like them with the first dress.

The pants looks are fantastic! Maybe the shoes are kind of a style corner turning item for you?
I think you can wear them with dresses but maybe there were some accessories missing from some of the looks?

I was a yes even before the second set of pics and now I'm thrilled to hear you are keeping them!

I love them with the black dress and really all of the pants. With the last dress- which is so cool- how about silver or pewter?

Texstyle, thanks. I agree I wouldn't wear them with the light dress. With the dress photos, I was inspired by my DH's comment. I was testing out the "stark" hypothesis, his suggestion that they might not go well with dresses.
Laurie, thanks! The long black skirt is actually very flowy pants!
JenniNZ, thanks for popping back in and commenting. I agree they look better with a lot of the pants than with most of the dresses.
Isabel, interesting observation about "turning a style corner." I feel I'm wanting more elegant in my "elegant eclectic" style lately.
Susie, thank you! I may just need another pair of sandals for that last dress. Silver or pewter are great ideas! I've also been craving some blue ones (I don't think the EF blue ones would go, though). I do wear the dress with my white and taupe sandals, and I wore it with navy sneakers the other day.

The hair, the restraint, you're channeling fashion magazine editor.

I love it, and ironically even though you're slightly toning down your wilder pieces, you're also showing me, coming from the other side, a more tame style, how to incorporate more creative and unusual pieces.

I love these! im a huge fan of flat sandals and I wear a lot of black and dark colors, I personally think they look great with the dress and they look to be comfortable too!

I know decision already made but- hope you kept them.
I've been doing footwear editing and careful thinking about what and whether and when to add back.
I am a huge stickler for how a shoe looks " on my foot" and that makes comfort and style really challenging.
The first thing I noticed was how great these look ON YOU. If they are very comfortable also, that's a winner right there.
Sure they don't go with everything, but go with a LOT. Also it's very hard ( for me) to find things that go with some skirts/dresses AND pants. So these are great.
My EF ankle strap flats are very comfortable so I just literally built my outfits around them over the past year while they are in style and fit.