I like them on you, and I like them with your dresses. By what I have seen of your style, the overall look of the outfits is still you, even if you don't feel the shoes as very you. But you have to like them, and I don't see you very convinced.

Wow, these reactions are very illuminating. Thank you all. I was thinking the sandals went better with my dresses than I would have imagined. (Except for the light gray silk one, which I think can work in a pinch, but maybe isn't the best.) But hmmmm, now I'm seeing what you all are pointing out, too.

Dianna, I appreciate your take, too. You are right, I'm unsure, because they are not my usual. I have a way of buying the same things over and over, and I don't feel that these are yet another, different version of what I've bought before.

I like them on you. I really really like them in blue. I do agree with Deborah they're not as edgy, arty as your usual shoe. Nothin' wrong with that, as Seinfeld would say. Does make me look at you differently.... I expect... cookies now

I like the sandals best with the very first dress you showed us because they repeat the stripes. The sandals are somewhat of a style departure but not a radical departure IYKWIM. In the second group, I like them best with the black dress; the combo gives off a bit of a hippie vibe which you may or may not like. Also, do your feet tend to run cold? These sandals seem to be more bare than what I recall seeing on your feet. Did your epic heat wave inspire you?

Also, would you wear these sandals with pants or shorts? If yes, I'd try those combos as well.

Rachylou, I'm getting ready to bake the cookies now. I like the blue ones, too, but I'm not sure what I'd wear them with.
DonnaF, all good observations. Yes, the heat is influencing me, I'm sure. I realize I don't have any bare sandals that are comfortable and nicer looking than my Birkenstocks. If I am going to keep the EF sandals, I will have to try them on with pants. I'm not sure about shorts. I have sandals to wear with shorts, and I generally don't take shorts when I travel, so I'm not sure these would have to go with shorts to be keepers. Pants, yes, though. I'm thinking they would go with my cropped flares and harem pants for starters, but I haven't tried them. Oh, and I'm laughing at your comment about the hippie vibe--I think the dress gives off that vibe, even with some of my other shoes! I kind of like it. Geez, my style is all over the place. . . "eclectic," for sure!

I like them and think you should keep them IF they are comfortable enough to walk long distances in. I always have a few pairs of practical sandals in my wardrobe because when travelling or just running around on the weekend, I want to make sure that my feet are happy even if the style is not absolutely me. I do think these would look fantastic with cropped jeans and pants.

Short answer - Yay!

I like them, but I don't like black shoes with dresses in general : too heavy, I think I'd like them better with dark cropped trousers - that's how I like to wear my own black strappy shoes : I comment with a strong personal bias here.

I think they are a bit dark or heavy looking for you if I'm being completely open. I think pewter or other lighter options would be better.


Flat, walkable and chic. Especially good with the black, and black & white dresses.

Bijou, I understand what you mean. I have some footwear in that category; in fact, my Think! closed-toe shoes are like that. Maybe not my favorite styles, but I know I can walk distances in them, and they can go with a range of outfits. I tried on the new sandals with cropped jeans today, and they looked quite nice!

Skylurker, I have a feeling you may have just described my husband's perspective on these sandals. What you say makes sense to me.

Texstyle, I agree. Thinking about these sandals overnight, I was struck by how they would be a no-brainer if they were a dark silvery color, or pewter.

Angie, thanks for weighing in. I really love the way they look on my foot. That's part of the real draw here, in addition to the flat, walkable aspect. I love how my ankles look in them. I find myself wanting to keep them, because it's so hard to find a sandal that I can wear that actually feels a bit pretty to me.

Shevia, thanks!

YAY Sharan, keep them. I love that they are dainty and DIFFERENT to what you would have "normally" chosen. They look divine on your ankles. ENJOY the Seattle heatwave. (I can't believe I'm missing it!)

I can't say either Yay or Nay. I like them best with the first dress because of the stripes, but TBH I don't really like them with any of the other dresses. They have that leg-shortening effect happening with the horizontal straps which I don't think is an issue with you as you are quite tall. I hope this is not too personal but you have amazing calves! Like a runner or dancer.
If I were buying them I would be thinking about did the comfort and the style features I liked outweigh the style features I didn't like as much, to mean I would get lots of wears out of them. That sounds a finely nuanced decision which is why I can't vote.

My reaction is similar to others' in that it seems like your usual style is a little bit different from what I see in the sandals. But I see from your last post that that is exactly part of why you enjoy these sandals so much. If your main concern is the starkness, I don't think that there is a problem there, as long as you are wearing the black sandals with appropriate clothing. I think that all of the outfits you posted look good with the sandals aside from the last dress, which I think would look better with lighter-colored footwear.

I bought these sandals earlier this summer and can attest to their comfort and walkability. I wear mine with a midi length skirt in a darker color, black ankle pants and jeans rolled to ankle length. They don't go with everything in my closet but a refined dark sandal in a timeless design goes with more items than I realized.

Hope you enjoy them!

THOSE dresses are fabulous, Firecracker. I want to reach out and touch them (in a non-invasive, non-threatening way).

JenniNZ, thanks for your thoughts. I get that they are leg-shortening. But to your other comment--and thank you for the compliment!--about my legs, I think the ankle strap is what brings out this aspect of my legs, and is part of what I like about the sandals. A low-vamped ballet flat doesn't have the same effect, in my view. So they are leg-shortening but calf-enhancing, I think!

Gigi, well, yes, I'm finding the comments here are helping me figure out why I brought them home in the first place, since they are not an obvious pick for me. I'm trying to figure out here if I'm just a little bit crazy, or heat-addled, for buying them, or if they are keepers.

greycat, it's great to hear your experience with them. I'm encouraged!

Sterling, how sweet of you--thanks!

I like the way they look on your foot and ankle. And I agree with Jenni. They show off your legs. (I am off to buy a pair). They are different from what you normally wear but they do look great with your black dresses and pants. What an amazing collection of dresses you have.

I was with Deborah, until I read how you feel about their ankle effect. That's money in the style bank!

I don't look at others' ankles critically, so wouldn't have noticed that aspect even if they'd been the least ankle flattering possible for you.

Keep the black and get the blue too. They look like they could be worn with all of your dresses, especially the last one.

Thanks, Style Fan.
Minimalist, I know--it's one of those things I notice on myself but not so much on others, except when I see an enviable pair of ankles!
Joy, you are quite the enabler!

The likely decision: I'm pretty sure I'm going to keep these, and I'm wanting to wear them to work tomorrow. That would be a big test. It may make more sense to wear them on a day off, when I can try them for a half day at first. . . .
And more try-on photos: Inspired by your suggestions, I've done a try-on with several different pants looks. The first is what I was wearing today, except I wore the outfit with my black Birkenstocks.
1: with wide-cuff jeans
2-3: with black harem pants
4-5: with black flowy split-leg pants
6-8: with three pairs of trousers from OSKA, where I work: taupe cotton, dark gray tencel-linen, and wine cotton. These are some of the pants I could wear to work (another pair that I'm sure will work are in the laundry).
9: raspberry linen culottes
10-12: step-hem cropped flare jeans

Thanks for all your thoughts and suggestions, everyone!

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Well, they look great with those outfits, especially your dog top!

Thanks, JAileen! That crazy dog top--I love that t-shirt. It's weird, but I like it.

Oh my gosh! I love them. I liked them with most of the dresses, but wow, they are even more spectacular with the pants! So glad you are tending to "keep".

Thank goodness you are probably keeping them. They are perfection with each of these outfits. the zipper back given just the right amount of edge and arty feel.

I am glad you are inclined towards keeping them, because they do not only look well with the dresses, they look really well with all your pants and jeans too.

I love them with pants. Great dog top. I remember when you showed that fabric.

I'm late to the thread but I like the sandals, particularly with the striped dress. But I love them with the EF harem pants and the dog t shirt, edgy, cool.

I love them with all your trousers.
(Love the shape of trousers 6&7. I'd roll up #6).

Late to this post, but I have to say they look esp. fantastic with that last line up of bottoms. I do think they need black elsewhere in whatever else you are wearing, in order not to appear too "heavy".