Hi everyone!

I have a few jumpsuits but most of them are kind of loose to accommodate my shape. I’ve been hoping to find one that’s a bit dressier. I eventually ordered this one from BR in a petite size and it fits pretty well though it is still a bit long in the torso. That’s an easy alteration.

I asked my husband what he thought of this, but he’d been to a party and had a few drinks and him and was kind of befuddled. First he tried to say it isn’t sexy. I pointed out that I don’t always need to dress in a sexy way... that is unusually tone deaf coming from him; it’s not how he evaluates all my clothing usually either. He then tried to say he didn’t understand the point of it, which I take to mean that his eye has not adjusted to jumpsuits yet. But I’m concerned about whether it’s unflattering around the hips and belly, or JFE. Of course, the volume in that area is what allows me to wear it in the first place.... and it mimics the style of pants that are popular.

So I need the eyes of people who might be used to looking at jumpsuits! I know these aren’t everyone’s jam, but if you are open to them, what do you think? Is it possible I need a size down? There is some give in the waste but I’m not sure the waist would work, a whole size down.

I have a few other jumpsuits, so I feel comfortable with the style as a whole. ETA - I love my husband but his opinion is not a dealbreaker, especially because I would wear this to work under a topper. The man won’t even wear patterns... not an expert!

PS - I saw so many jumpsuits at the 700 person retreat I just attended for the org where I work. Come from all over the country and in some cases all over the world. So the trend is definitely mainstream, at least among environmentalists! Saw tons of vertical streaks in pants and jumpsuits as well. This was after I had ordered this.

ETA - I added the find and base don comments below will move forward with an outfit lab - I have to make time to do that, so that's a decision in and of itself!

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