Tough to judge fit due to the photo angle apparently, cuz I'm not seeing a too long torso like you are. Otherwise I really like this on you, and hope to see it with your sandals and toppers. You found a really good one!

Thanks rachylou and Sterling. Sterling, the quality is very nice and it’s very lightly lined.

Bennett, when I have this fit issue it’s actually much more apparent when you look at me from behind. The extra fabric tends to pool in the back. If I take an inch or two off the straps I’ll be good to go. Unfortunately, petite sizing often lengthens the torso of a garment as the numerical size increases. But I actually have a *very* short waist

This is adorable on you! I feel like it has some of the breezy-yet-structured vibe you were looking for in linen pants a while back and had trouble finding.

FWIW, my DH doesn't "get" jumpsuits either. If I wear a dress or skirt, he's all compliments; any time I pull out the jumpsuit it's radio silence. I think it's the lack of visible leg. And the fact that he associates one-piece dressing with infants and toddlers.

My DH is also aesthetically oriented but fashion clueless and he doesn't always "get" my new outfit concepts. He is amazingly consistent though - when he likes something and says it he will say the exact same thing the next time I wear it even if it is years later.
Anyway, I like the jumpsuit on you! It is never a good idea to focus on one view when in real life no one sees us that way.

I think it looks great. The size looks right, as you definitely don't want too snug a fit, both for aesthetics and comfort.

I think it looks great on you! And very fresh. Would love an alternative to a dress myself, but every jumpsuit I've tried looks terrible.on me!

Oh I really like this! I think it's cute, fresh and perfect for summery. I think it is definitely way more than JFE - I really think it suits you!

I’m loving the back story of the husbands the best! What is it about them? It is fun to try to get them to understand our choices sometimes.
I like it and sympathise about the sometimes odd toppers we need for aircon, which I find most annoying.

Looks great! I wouldn’t size down. Husbands are interesting creatures, aren’t they? LOL.

I have the cropped Avery pants in that exact stripe color way hanging in my closet. (I don’t see them on the website anymore.) I haven’t worn them yet but the fabric should be cool and comfortable in the heat. I’ve been impressed by BR pants lately.

Thanks everyone! I tried a quick outfit today without the tie at all. It’s going to the tailor though. The waist drops and consequently the pants pooch or too much if the straps aren’t pulled up.

I’ll have individual replies later.

PS - I stepped back we far as possible but since my mirror is low quality it widens me out, in my opinion. YMMV. Someday I’ll have a closet with doors and not that cheap folding screen type thing that I have now, and I’ll be able to mount a proper mirror in a larger room.

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shevia - I agree about focusing on one view. My husband's style preferences don't evolve much either. Since I'm looking around at people's clothing attentively on one of the most stylish cities on earth, my preferences are constantly evolving. It's exhausting, honestly.

RainB - I kissed a lot of frogs before I found this jumpsuit. Keep looking if it's not too discouraging. And be willing to alter...

Aquamarine, oddly, I seem to be in between sizes for BR pants. They fit my hips and legs but not my waist/tummy. Go figure... I saw some great blazers in a similar cotton/linen blend there, but I am only mildly successful at wearing blazers so I'm not too tempted. They look great though.

Thanks Becky and Lucy