First, a big thank you to all those who've been sending healing thoughts. The good news: I don't have pneumonia.

The bad news: I do have lung scarring. The reason isn't clear. Could be from the bronchitis. Or it could be that I DID have pneumonia and am now in the healing phase.

In any case, there's still no treatment. Just wait and rest. (And shop online, LOL.) I do feel very slightly better today.

In fact, I even felt well enough to try on clothes! And that's where you come in.

In my quest for fashion that feels like PJs but looks like real clothes, and a greater variety of silhouettes for my work-at-home job and frequent travel, I have loved the Vince Camuto tube skirts -- in summer. Alas, they cling to tights like the dickens -- plus, they are not warm enough for my winter climate.

I had hoped I might find a bit of variety with leggings and tunics. But I have sadly concluded that it just isn't my look. I don't feel properly dressed in leggings, they continually fall down (even those lovely Lysee ones), and I just don't think they suit me all that well. Plus, when you get right down to it, the silhouette isn't all that different from my ponte pants or legging jeans tucked into boots -- an all too familiar look for me in my long winter!!

But gryffin suggested the skirted Eileen Fisher leggings, and that intrigued me. I wondered if I might feel differently about a skirt in winter. A stretchy skirt. Especially considering how much I love the VC skirts.

Now, I do have some problems with my cat. But he's most destructive to fancy tights and to sheer hose. He can't really do much damage to fleece tights or the like.

So that got me thinking.

Enter Exhibit A and B, two jersey dresses from Banana Republic.

The first is a navy blouson style in a modal- poly jersey that is like silk jersey (i.e. a bit slippery). It is surprisingly warm! And it does not cling to tights. I am showing it on its own, and with a couple of oversized and fluid sweaters. It could use a good steaming, but it does have ruching that is part of the design.

Next, the red dress. It's a wool-like poly jersey (i.e. not slippery), also warm. I actually wanted this in grey but they sold out. I have ordered a similar skirt in grey but it has not arrived yet.

The red is much more of a "blue" red IRL than it seems in these photos. They call it "cranberry sauce" and that is what it looks like. In fact, it's not so different from the Munro booties, although the photos suggest otherwise. It's much more body con than the blue but not uncomfortable.

My thought is that for frequent travel and work-at-home life, I would de-bombshell these dresses. I would wear with fleece lined tights for outdoors.
But Ii could wear the red one as is for a holiday party. Or I could exchange for a black one, which might be more versatile.

Could this kind of a look work as my new "at home" silhouette to give me the variety I crave in winter? Are these dresses current enough, worn as I might wear them? They are short...but are they too short for me? They stretch, so sitting isn't an issue. And I would mostly wear with opaque tights, I expect.

Apologies for the length of this, and I would love to hear your thoughts.

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