Suz, you poor thing! Scarring of the lungs and no treatment! I hope you do not entertain the idea of travelling this weekend anymore...because you should not! Sending you more healing vibes and many-many hugs!
Now to the topic of dresses...but looks like you already made up your mind. I like the color of the red dress for you but something about the fit does not look stellar. Maybe it is the proportions of the neckline, length and fit of the skirt together? Cannot figure it out but it did not wow me.
The navy dress is much more flattering so if you are at peace with the fabric then keep and experiment.
For the record - I DID not say those words but I could I guess...if the length feels comfortable to wear them out then by all means do so!
Get well soon!!!

Chiming in without reading everyone else's responses - I think both dresses look great and you've shown that you can style them in a versatile manner. However, I find that I just won't wear tights for an at-home day; they're just too confining around the midsection. I say I will but then I find that I just don't. That may or may not be an issue for you. And the length occurred to me to be a possible problem too - you look great as is but I'd prefer something that's to the knee because it's warmer.

Laura has hit on my issue: tights at home bother me. So I change to leggings or track pants, and if I'm wearing those, why wear a skirt when I can wear a comfy longer top, and there you have it.

Of course, that's MY issue.

I see you're "sorted," and I like your choice to keep the blue. I think it could be worn over leggings, too.

Rest up, Suz!

Wow, scaring on your lungs! Will that heal over time, or is it permanent?

The dresses look great. For stylings, I prefer the darker one, but I like the color of the red dress. I don't mind the length (although I do prefer longer) - I have some skirts that length and I wear them. I also agree with the others on keeping one for now.

I am glad you are feeling better and don't have pneumonia anyway! Agree with the idea of keeping the blue dress and seeing how it goes - you have some great stylings already.

I' m late to the party, but hope that you keep the first dress. Look at all the different looks you did with styling! My favorites are 6 and 8. Besides, you can get your cranberry with the cardi and Munros. I do like the cranberry color best on you but like the style of the navy dress most.
I also like to wear winter dresses and tights at home. I find a cozy wool or sweater dress extremely comfortable. Tights can be just as comfortable as leggings.

Hmm. I hope you are on the mend for sure.

I like the navy dress style. To me they're both too short for regular dresses, but you knew I'd say that. Not indecent or crazy- lady, just not where I think the hem should fall. So loungewear dresses is a new concept for me and maybe no rules, just right.

Oh Suz, so sorry to hear that you have been so sick! I sincerely hope that you are on the mend and regaining your strength. I love all the styling options that you have with both dresses. You look amazing in this type of dress. I prefer the fit of the first, although the color of the second is very tempting. I know that you'll be working from home in style which ever one you choose.

Suz glad you are seemingly on the mend:) Do take care.

Now the dresses! I have skimmed responses but didn't want to be swayed:)
I really like them both, but for me they are tunics not dresses. My sense it that wearing with them with leggings would work better than tights. The opaque tights to my eye are just not 'opaque' enough. Its hard to explain but the more sheer effect of the tights, breaks the line of the look for me. My eye wants to see a long dark column in the case of the navy dress.

For at home dressing, I find leggings much more comfortable than tights.

I would definitely only keep one for the moment and see how it works for you. I love the idea but I would like to see you put it into practice before you invested any further.

My first thought was, WOW! I love all the ways you have styled and can wear these dresses...I especially love the first dress and the dropped waist style (if that's what it is) Seems like a great versatile style that you could have so much fun with. The red one seems a little less versatile with the draping or rushing but I love how you've styled it...the length seems fine with tights but I know that can be a personal preference. I'm surprised these were this short for you...usually BR dresses are on the longer of the reasons I've had good luck there. Hmmm.

You have your wardrobe down so well that at home wear looks this great! You look amazing. I like all these looks and so long as comfort factor is high then a couple of nice silhouettes. I tend to agree that it is best to try a new look with just one option and see how it pans out. There will be other dresses if you love the look and it works for you.
And take good care - lung scarring sounds too scary.

Plenty of dress advice here already. I like the navy one. Do rest up. Can you do that? It isn't easy to do nothing but it is what you really need. Sorry if I'm being too bossy.

Ugh, lung scarring! Sending more healing thoughts you way.

It sounds like you already made a decision, but I would have said keep both. You look great in them and the outfit combinations all work. Not too short, just right.

Wow! Lung scarring - what is that and is it permanent? How will that affect you when you are better? Too bad there isn't any treatment as I'm sure you are more than ready to be better!

You seem sorted on the dresses. I just wanted to weigh in and say I like all the renditions. I love how you've styled them as both dresses and skirts - so versatile. I'd keep both. I especially like #10.

On my way out for a last trip of the year (!!!) and just wanted to say ...

-- SO sorry about your poor lungs! I continue to send you positive thoughts every day.
-- You look lovely in these dresses; I admire and envy your styling abilities.
-- I want that navy dress! I will be at a BR this weekend and must try it. I will have your styling ideas in my head. (This dress is jusst so much better than the Zara one, although you would probably do better with that one than i did.)
-- I need plaid tights!

Stay well,

Lung scarring? Oh gosh ... It could be bronchitis though. So hopefully you should be on your mend soon

I vote for the navy one too. But I would find tights uncomfortable for the house aas well. So if you are cool with the length, then I think it is a very versatile and fun dress! You look a bit run down .. Take care x

Way late, but I wanted to say get well soon. Lung scarring sounds unpleasant.

I like the dresses. The navy seems more versatile for your purposes. I do wear dresses for loungewear, in fact they are some of my favorite things to wear at home, but only when it's warm enough for bare legs. The thought of wearing tights at home for lounging is highly unpleasant. But you know me, these days it takes a lot to get me into tights even for leaving the house. I'd wear over loose-ish leggings but I know you hate them!

I'm glad you are starting to feel better! I really like the dark dress for you most and especially like the stylings with added color.

So sorry to hear about your healh Suz, but I'm glad your feeling better. Its easy to take good health for granted until we get sick and then we realize how vulnerable we really are!

I hope you don't mind, but I didn't bother to read everyone's posts. I am working from home today, and I am taking a quick break. I really love the navy dress. It's my favorite by far. If you were only keeping one, I would vote for that.

Ooh - I hope you really are on the mend. And I like the idea of a skirt or dress over tights as winter apparel. I've been wanting to change up my silhouette too (it's all jeans and sweaters or shirts at the moment), and maybe this holds some possibility...)

Thanks for referencing my post! Suz, I hope you feel better!! Your outfits look GREAT! And I love your short hair!

Look how many great ways you styled the navy dress! It's a keeper for sure. And the red is beautiful on you.
I have had some lung scarring & it does gradually get better. The year H1N1 went around, I was one of the people who developed secondary pneumonia by virtue of the large cytokine response triggered with the flu. I was very sick! I spent one month on bed rest & only got back to full activity a few months after that. Lung scarring was a souvenir & I did develop another milder pneumonia in the lung folds that same year. But pneumonia scars are kind of like wrinkles in a pillowcase, the way my doc described it, and gradually healthy tissue will begin to smooth itself out. I am still more sensitive to particulates in the air than I was before so I stay indoors when wildfires are near and walking past a smoker is actually painful. My lungs just go 'gack' at that! But other than that I feel good. I think plenty of rest & clean eating is essential, and adding cardio back gradually was key. At high elevation I will sometimes feel a little less efficient in workouts (the scars are stiffer tissue) so I slow a little to match my breath. But other than that it's good!

I came to this post from your leggings vs tights post, so I'm doing this a bit backward. These are the nicest work from home outfits I've seen in a while! I really like both dresses and wouldn't say they are too short to wear with tights, but I can see the logic of keeping one to start. Although, I'm impressed that dresses with a high poly count feel warm enough to you. It always feels like like the cold goes right through that for me. But clearly, to each her own!

Also, I'm so glad you don't have pneumonia and hope you start feeling better soon.