Oh wow, that is fab for you! Your wardrobe, with all its sunny yellow, has been waiting for this exact skirt. Perfection; glad you showed us.

You look like a ray of sunshine.

It is gorgeous on you, beyond perfect!

Angie, these outfits are soooo you! I think that skirt was made for you! You look fab!

This may be my favorite of all your personal picture posts! I LOVE the yellows mixed with the sunray pleated skirt! Cheerful, lively and pretty!

Love this. Your joy dances right off the screen. The skirt is perfection with your other pieces. Swish, swish!

Whoa! You are a ray of sunlight in this outfit! So stunning!

You look so pretty here. My favorite part is actually the little rosettes on the jacket sleeve. Nice counterpoint.

Stunning outfit. What a pleasure to look at. Might be my favorite of all of yours and maybe anyone else's too!


and i love love love the twinset feel of the yellow sweater and coat! it's like they were made to be worn this way!

You are so freaking adorable! What a happy set of photos, and look how well you wear that sunny yellow. I love the version with the denim jacket.

So much yellow at retail right now — I am happy for those of you who wear it well! I completely ignore it as it makes me look freshly dead. This season’s colors are making it hard for me to add anything colorful this spring, but I do enjoy seeing them on others.

Great find!
I think you’ve identified how what is actually a “statement “ item can also be versatile if it’s the right one. It’s a “ bottom”, so can layer more or less on top. And chunkier or minimal footwear as well. It’s got lighter and darker colors ranging from bright to neutral , so can be skewed in multiple directions and from dressy-sophisticated to more “ beachy”.. Yes it’s memorable, but you may often have different environments and groups of people, plus have the fun factor of outfit creation.

Sweet sister! I love the bright and pretty colors in this outfit. Gorgeous!

OH MY WORD. Thank you ALL for the awfully kind compliments. I'm happy and blushing

Jane, skirts are hemmed BEFORE they are sent for permanent pleating so you can't hem them. Try to find a shorter version. You can only hack a pleated skirt when it doesn't have a hem. Hope that makes sense.

Anchie, you have a KILLER pleated skirt.

The Cat, this is called a sunray pleat, and it has to be 100% polyester to set in the pleating process.

Wow! They should name this bright yellow “Angie yellow”, as nobody wears it as well as you do. The skirt is stunning on you, and there are many outfit possibilities. I imagine it would look lovely with the new blush BR knit as well. I am inspired to intensify the hunt for my pleated skirt.

You look SO lovely for Spring. This yellow is my absolute favorite color.

Can you comment on the fit of the pullover? I’ve been fitting XXS/00 at J.Crew; would you recommend trying the XXS or the XS?

Thank you!

Super cute and so bright! Fab!

I loved that skirt when you first posted it and love it even more on you! Such gorgeous colors and patterns. Bright yellow sunshine is your color!

Beautiful! I've just bought a bright sunny yellow jumper for spring (100% cotton- https://www.zalando.co.uk/bene.....q-e11.html). I've only worn it with jeans so far. Might have to look for a skirt with a bit of yellow in it. Thanks for the inspiration!

It's so nice seeing proper yellow rather than mustard at retail. I suit yellow, mustard not so much.

Yellow is amazing with the skirt!

Thank you, Angie. Thinking about it, I suddenly remember that I have had two light blue sunray pleat skirts in my life, the first one when I was around 8, and the second one when I was in my mid twenties. Both times, I loved the style, the colour and the swoosh effect.

A patterned one looks fun--I'll have my eyes open to such an interesting skirt in "my" colours. I imagine there will be plenty of styling possibilities, as creatively shown by you here.

Thanks for the kind words, ladies. You are all so nice.

Cobalt Blue, I'm wearing an XXS in the yellow pullover. Try the same size.

The Cat, I hope you find your pleated skirt.

I just saw this post now and I want to CRY! The skirt was MADE for you and I am soooooo very happy to see you in it. The entire ensemble is spectacular! The colors in this skirt are absolutely perfect for you. Sooooo many options for outifts, shoes, bags, etc!!