First a disclaimer: Kibbe is but not the end all, be all for fashion types. I still feel body shape and personal taste trump style "types."

So that said...

When I first heard of Kibbe and took his test, it was maybe 10 years ago. I got Flamboyant Natural, which totally fit me personality wise. I think even know it may explain why I go back and forth between more simple looks and bohemian styles and more glamorous looks with bombshell styles.

I have assumed this past year that I was Soft Dramatic because my body shape is very bombshell and hourglass. I love glamorous looks, and my style icons are Sophia Loren.

But then I recently read about inserting your face in photo collages of Kibbe types. So today I did that. And stun-ola! My face seems to fit FN and not SD. But my body is Sophia and Ava Gardner, minus the boobs. I don't know that I am SD or FN...or somewhere in between.

I know many of you have done the Kibbe thing. If you would care to join me in the Kibbe craziness...whatcha think?

I did 2 profile photo tries at each type.

1/2, SD
3/4, FN

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