First of all, thanks to the YLF member who shared the link, loved her work. I was able to check the link only today...
Then, I am looking for an opinion on a fact that happened last week. If I am still thinking about it, it's probably still burning.
I love to wear dresses and I love nice shoes/boots. So naturally I wear them to work too. Sometimes I have to use "power tools" too, as the ladies in the Reemsten's portraits, but with lab shoes and a labcoat it's never a problem.
Second point I want to make, I am very focused at work. It's not I never chat with colleagues, it's just... I am there for working, I am paid for that, not to talk about my daughter, cooking, my new home, etc. I do mention these things, but not often.
So, to get to the point. I was wearing a dress and my black boots with black thick tights. We were talking all together with my boss about work (a particolar antibiotic impurities in that case). A colleague (female) said: you cannot be taken seriously if you talk about impurities while wearing that dress!
I heard her, didn't say anything and kept talking about the problem. But it did burn.
I am still wearing dresses to work. I just had the confirmation women are their worst enemies.