ETA: Not styled. Threw them on with the top I was wearing. Didn't bother with shoes.

The blue ones come with a cuff that I LOVE. But you can cuff any of the colours. Nice and different. They fit really well on the waist, so no need for alterations. The length is perfect too - new shorter full length. The blue denim is quite raw but have 2% stretch - so not that stiff.

They go up to size 33. Not as inclusive at BR jeans that go up to size 35.

They are suppose to be ethically made, but I can't help but take that with a pinch of salt because they are made in Vietnam, and cotton is an environmentally demanding crop to grow. Plus denim production is in itself hectic on the environment.

Sustainability is VERY CHALLENGING, and there are extreme compromises at this point.

What makes these sustainable to me is how long I wear them, and is the quality great - which I hope is years, and great quality. I'm taking a chance with the quality because I don't know yet! We will see....

I adore the way they look and feel, so they earned a place in my wardrobe. I might try them in white