Also, I was wearing the same top today.

I am thinking the cuff might be harder to wear on one a few inches shorter. But maybe not if adjusted proportionately.

I like the fit of these a lot!!

These look great on you. Love the fit:)

WOW, those look fantastic!!

Jaime, HIGH FIVE and thanks for the kind words.

Taylor, fun look! I see you in the outfit, and you MUST try it! Get some similar jeans. Thanks for being kind about my own shoes too. Always so gracious.

Denise, GREAT to hear from you, and I’m blushing. I like your sustainable practices.

Jess, thank you. I love the cuff, so I’ll keep them the feature and wear the jeans untucked over footwear.

Suz, HAH. Waving at another sweater twin! I think you’d wear the look well, and with heels!

Sal and Jessikams, thanks for the compliments.

Of course you’re keeping them - how can you not when you look that good in jeans ! Great fit , and the big cuff is certainly something I know you like . Good find

Super cute!

Question: can the cuff be let down for some extra length? Or is it tacked/stitched in place?

oh, i love these.

Those look amazing on you!! Of course you had to keep them.

So fun, I love how fashion forward you are with your denim capsule. These are killer gorgeous on you, like they were made for you.

Your first pair of Everlane jeans! They look fantastic. I've been tempted by these because that dark wash is really nice, but I think I prefer the slightly higher rise and roomier hip of the Cheeky Straights. Those I don't need to alter at all. (Lesley -- the front rise on the Super Straights is 10.5" in a size 25, and goes up by .25" inches with each size. The Cheeky Straights are about an inch longer in the rise.)

Saitex, the denim manufacturer, is an industry leader:

Companies with a long history of ethical/sustainable manufacturing, like Eileen Fisher and Patagonia, source from them too.

Wow, those look really great on you!

Those jeans look fab on you. I can see them become a workhorse.
I also have the BR top and it works as a great basic for me.

I loooooove a big cuff!! And these look amazing on you, Angie, yay!

Lisa P, I love that big cuff! I hope the quality holds up.....

ChrisM, YES. You can turn down the cuff for length, or make the cuff smaller.

La Ped, fab when you don't need to alter anything. The Cheeky Straight looks quite narrow in the pics. Narrower than these! Have we seen those on you?

Thanks for the kind words kkards, Inge, Kathie, and RobinF!

Bijou, you are so lovely. Thank you.

JoyceB, the BR sweater is a fab essential!

What a great fit on you. Just like they were made for you. GORGEOUS.

Angie -- yes! From a year ago:

The Cheeky Straights have a 13" leg opening in my size, vs a stated 13.75" on the Super Straights. But the Cheeky Straights also have at least an inch more room at the hip. The Super Straights appear to be a very similar silhouette to my vintage 501s. The Cheeky Straights are more similar to the Levi's Wedgie jean, sort of a dupe for 90's high-rise relaxed tapered fits (aka mom jeans).

They look fantastic on you, Angie! My eye still hasn't adjusted to the shorter full-length, even though I see it pretty regularly on the street here. These are great because, somehow, that cuff makes it look more intentional to me, and eases my discomfort with it.

ChristinaF, thank you! I can see you in cuffed jeans too.

La Ped, thanks for the pic. KILLER jeans! No wonder you're devoted. I was going to say that they look a lot like the Levi's Wedgie. Milk it and enjoy.

Jenn, you made me laugh! Happy to have eased your length discomfort. I really get it because I will absolutely split hairs about lengths

Ohh, these look amazing! Thanks for the information. I'm going to order some - especially since the cuff rolls down to a 33" inseam!

They look amazing on you! I need to check them out.

They are smashing on you! I have had my eye on the white super straights but haven't pulled the trigger yet. I am tempted now.....

Style Fan, Laura and Mtnsofthemoon, I bet you'd like these jeans. I'm going to order the white! Thanks for the kind words.

I wouldn’t rule out cuffed jeans! I have some go-to jeans brands but have been a bit frustrated with inconsistent fit on me since rises have gotten higher, if that makes sense. I may try Everlane next time.

Being sustainable is achievable in many different ways.

I like these pants. But I love the blue top and white Apple Watch together!
I am going to get a Fitbit!

Wow, they look amazing on you, Angie. Like they were made for you!

See if you could make these badboys work !

Hi Angie - Do these Everlane super-straights fit true to the size chart?

Thanks, ladies

Smittie, I'm not sure about the size chart, but I bought my regular size, and they are perfect. TTS for me.