Today I tried on a dozen leather jackets. I bought two in the same style, one tan, one black. I'm not sure whether to keep them or not though - they're expensive and I'd like to make sure I'm not wasting my money.



Black closed:

Black, one button done up:

This is a size 7. The salesgirls all had the same jacket, and say that it eases out a bit. For the Aussies, this is at Live, and the brand is Stella Forest.

The fit across the shoulders is great, but I'm not sure about the cropped length - will it actually keep me warm, since the jacket is too fitted to wear anything under it besides a shirt? I had intended to get something at hip length.

The one I didn't buy:

Again, good fit. But seems boxy on me. A lot of the jackets I tried on seemed to flatten my already small chest. I think something tailored will help with that, but there's not a lot of choice.

The one I could order online now that I know my size in this store:

I'm overwhelmed by the choices and would really like some input.