Hi All,

June has been a lovely but strange and stressful month for me. It started with me turning 50 and while I had plans for a gathering to celebrate, my son woke up sick on the morning and had to go for a Covid test. As it was a Friday the results took until the Monday and I had to postpone the party. He was negative fortunately and not very sick at all, but we all have to do our part.

(keep in mind that I am in NZ and we are really lucky to have no community spread of Covid here, but there are cases at the border with people returning home to NZ- so holding a function is allowed and not unsafe).

So now we are in the fortunate position of having no restrictions except for travel which is almost impossible - both in and out of NZ. Tough if you are in the tourism industry. Our business has been getting busier through June which is encouraging. But it has been bleak and wet.....

I have three additions to my closet this month. All are accessories. I have attached the finds below.
- Black cross body bag
- Gifted pink basket bag (present from SIL)
- Tweed bucket hat

I have also added some recent WIW (my dark jeans pics were part of the challenge). Nothing especially of note except for the good use of the black crossbody bag!! I did attempt wearing the jumpsuit in winter for the first time and it was fun to experiment.


Inspired by Jenn, I am going to attempt the 5 Piece French Wardrobe. I am going to adopt her rules (because they seem fair and I am lazy). So to do this I went through my essentials list to prepare so I know what really is an essential for me. My one difference is that I am going to include accessories over $50 though because I can buy them too quickly without thought......

I attach my essentials list below. These are the pieces I would always want in my wardrobe. (I am not including any gear here).

For me, a floral summer dress is an essential even though some of mine are statement items. But I always want to own a couple of them.

When I didn't have a long cardigan I struggled for example, this forms a really useful gap between loungewear, working from home and casual wear that works brilliantly for me. I

My quantity i
s how many I own in this category currently and then I have a minimum quantity as well. In most categories I have the same or more than the minimum quantity - winter sweaters (basic ones) is my one gap. As I am not a minimalist I will happily own more than the minimum number, but in some cases if my "blazer" wore out or was damaged I would immediately look for a replacement.

The last column is my total number of pieces - for example I own 28 tops of which 12 are essentials so 16 are either statements or completer type pieces. For bottoms the numbers are quite different with owning 18 of which 15 fall into the essential category. My wardrobe is about 98 pieces ( I am not counting all accessories here though only bags and glasses).

If I look over my wardrobe additions for 2020 I see I have added four new statements, two essentials over above my minimum quantity, and eight essential replacements. So by Jenn's rules, I have added 6 additions. This year was always going to be about essentials and a work wardrobe so this means I am on track.

Here are my 2020 purchases. The number is pretty high (there are also two pairs of shoes not in finds, some pool flip flops and running shoes)


The ones I consider to be the non essentials
- rust knit
- tweed hat
- yellow stripe top
- wrap coat

I did also add an extra pair of black pants and straight blue jeans above my minimum quantity so these count. I have had great success in 2020 and love all my new pieces. The blush shoes have had minimal wear which is a reflection of the year where dressy occasions have been almost non existent.

I am actively looking for a basic merino sweater and a raincoat ( I know the one I want but am choosing the colour depending on the sweater I choose as they will be worn together).

Sorry this is long and a bit rambling........ it has helped me immensely to clarify what is my essential list and why at times I have struggled to make a moderate size wardrobe click.

I am very conscious at the moment that we are all in different spaces with Covid and many of us are feeling vulnerable and frustrated - and all the emotions.


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