This post is early, but not premature.

As some of you may recall, Suntiger presented an interesting challenge.

Because I love a challenge, I committed to 36 items. Everything will be counted except underwear and hose. I will count bras, sleepwear, gear, lounge wear.

This is an ambitious challenge for me, especially since I am currently rebuilding my wardrobe as a result of a massive wardrobe purge in 2018.

Total purchases at the end of May were 27 items.

I wasn't worried because those 27 items were well thought out and carefully selected. All 27 items were put into immediate rotation.

I ordered two bras from Thirdlove this past weekend. I expect the bras to be delivered late next week. This brings the total to 29 items.

The math says that I have seven purchases remaining at the end of June (half way through the year). Sigh. Does that mean only one new item each month for the rest of the year? Possibly. It certainly means that all I can buy during NAS is underwear. But the truth is I need underwear. Restricting my NAS shopping to underwear won't be the worse thing in the world. I've been especially interested in trying the underwear that Jaileen mentioned in her post about packing for travel to Alaska. I think someone said they were on sale during last year's NAS. I made a note to look for them this year.

Sure would love to look at bags though.