The budgeting challenge + reframing January post reminded me to see if anyone wants to do a shopping challenge for 2019. Instead of $ budget, a fixed # of purchases for the year.

Why: I bought a lot last year, due to weight loss, and more disposable income earlier in the year. Those days are over, for now, and there's not much I really need now. I also made more mistakes than I'd like, so want to tame the happy little magpie a bit.
Also, 2019 is very uncertain for me right now, some good (dh finishing his phd), some worrisome (family health issues).
And Staysfit's wellness post reminded me I want to prioritize wellness-and magpie a bit more with fitness (aerial acro yoga is now available!).

The rules: no more than 1 bullet journal page of clothing/shoe/accessory/ jewelry purchases- there are 36 lines (last year 3...). Basics: underwear, plain socks and tights, sleepwear don't count-but workout gear does as it's my 2nd most worn category.

For accountability, purchases will go into finds.
Anyone want to join me? The specific numbers are rules are up to you!