First week of the challenge!

Today - Saturday - wearing the tartan shirt casually - with Docs, denim skirt and red leather jacket (circa 2002).

Friday - Red dress, worn with denim jacket, scarf, and long suede boots. I don't think this dress is a 'winter piece' and would be better suited to warmer weather - but will persevere with the challenge.

Thursday evening - out for dinner, wore the pink velvet suit - with challenge scarf and a pale pink sweater. Loved wearing this and it was nice to have the scarf because at the restaurant, I took off my jacket.

Thursday day - wore cardigan with sleeveless top, jeans and sneaker boots for an Apre Ski look. I added my faux fur bag which I like to use in the winter months.

Wednesday - wanted to wear my tartan shirt in a dressy way and the snakeskin boots - wore it layered under a black sheath dress with 3/4 sleeves. I would not have thought to wear it this way, but really liked the effect. Added a brooch for a bit of bling.

Tuesday - the challenge skirt - DH complimented me on this one, and I enjoyed wearing it.

My wears of challenge pieces

  • Tartan shirt - 2x
  • Red dress - 1x
  • Pink velvet pants - 1x
  • Pink velvet jacket - 1x
  • Heart scarf - 1x
  • Cardigan - 1x
  • Red snakeskin boots - 1x
  • Pleated skirt - 1x
  • Red cape - 0
  • Cream skirt - 0