Yes folks, we finally got some snow in the Mid Atlantic About 3 inches of the nasty white stuff, plus icy roads, plus temps in the 20s during the day- boo, hiss!

Normally, I would wear skinny ponte pants tucked into my snowboots, and throw my bulky puffer over a bulky sweater, but I had a big networking lunch event to go to. So this was my JPE (just professional enough) solution for the day. The big puffer and flat boots were a weather compromise, but at least I had the blazer and satchel to offset it. In nicer weather, I would have worn the L'Artiste booties, my silk blouse, and camel coat to the event instead- or better yet, a wrap dress and tall heeled boots. Oh well :/

What are your solutions when you have to dress up but the weather is awful?