100% yes, Angie! I was born in 1982, so 90's are very much my core style era. You are so, so good at your job!

Among the few polka dot items in my present wardrobe are:
● (#1) A deep blue and white umbrella and a royal blue and white silk scarf
● (#2) A lavender and white long tee
● #3) Purple and white soft pants

LOL! 10% of my garments are striped, but only one item has dots - the hatband on my sun hat!

I’ve had that Boden polka dot bag in and out of my shopping cart for two weeks! Is it yours or are you considering it?

RunCarla, the Boden polka dot bag is mine! LOVE it. It's beautifully made, a good size, and lightweight.


Notsaf, I thought so! A teen in the late '90s was my guess. I'm 12 years older than you. A teen in the early '80s. I bat for Team Simon Le Bon AND Chris Cornell.

The Cat, fun pieces. Super cute scarf!

Here’s my black and gold polka dot dress. It and a scarf (also black and gold) are I think the only polka dot items I own right now other than socks.

LOVE your dots! One of these days I will get my act together and document my dots. I have amassed a lot at this point!

I found another one. A purple top with black dots.

Thanks Angie! It's not there anymore, but I like a lot of the pillows. Now I know where to look.

nemosmom, I love your unworn skirt and would wear it any day in spring/summer. To me, it looks easy to style with other items in blue and green plus white. They could be as simple as a tee and Birks plus perhaps a small necklace.

Nice dress, Diana! Gorgeous length.


Barbara Diane, West Elm does fab accessories and bed linen. REALLY good bed linen.

Oh my gosh you guys! Look what I just found at J Crew Factory, on sale!


What a great collection! I think the only dots I have right now are on my Dillon blouse ... They are not true solid polka dots, bit they are dot-esque

Love seeing all the dots. Many great collections here and though I have had very few polka dot wardrobe items, seeing others in them makes me smile.

In honor of my fellow YLFers, I am going to sport my 1 relevant item this weekend: black knee socks with small white dots.

What a lot of dotty love. I realized after the blog post that I have nothing with polka dots for cold weather. I have worn the skirt with a sweater but that piece, which I am very fond of, will no longer work at the waist, nor will several of the dresses..
I want to add more pattern to my high winter wear. A polka dot sweater or warm scarf would be welcomed
To the finds I need to add another light weight scarf that is navy with white dots and another summer top that is mesh and sleeveless ( good for very hot days)

My polka dots are below! I just wore the spotty cardi a couple days ago over a column of black and my olive/white Vans. The Boden dress is a super easy one-and-done summer outfit. I wear it with flat sandals or sneakers and usually with a white denim jacket or cotton sweater on top.

Navy/white and black/white polka dots feel a little too prim or twee for me; these earth tone versions are easier for me to wear.

I just wanted to show two pairs of dotty shoes that I ordered and returned. Both come in Wide. The first was fairly comfy but cut across my bunion so sadly a no go. The second was too wide and not warm and dressy enough. The fabrication makes them stiff and unforgiving so they need to fit from the beginning.

I like polka dots but have a hard time finding ones I'm comfortable in. I'm a medium contrast person.

#1 Boden dress bought 2 years ago. This is ideal for me.

#2-3 I think a Tommy Hilfiger shirt I used as a kind of jacket. Too low contrast for me. I tried to jazz it up with strips. Ugh.

#4 favorite wool scarf bought in Paris 5 years ago.

#5 Freya tankini, several years old. I have a black/white one and a red/white same style.

#6 Tahari skirt bought on final sale at Last Call in October. Too tight in waist, but fits now. Lightweight, so will wear in summer I hope. We'll see how I like high contrast on my bottom half.

I also have some 2-tone gray polka dot socks. Haven't been wearing them, but I found them today. Later in the year I'll look for some polka dot summer scarves to wear on a cruise. (Dermatologist orders--keep back of neck covered.)

I had an inexpensive Lands End navy and white polka dot turtleneck which I donated. Too high contrast, and my turtleneck days are over.

Am I the only one with polka dot pants? Two pair. Both wide leg crops. One pair is quite flowy with small dots and a little ruffle at the bottom. The other is a bit more substantial (but still light weight), with large dots. They're my faves. I don't really have a waist to let me wear a fitted top with them, so I have been experimenting with finding loose tanks and tees that hit me at a reasonably flattering spot.

All these dots make me happy! Angie those are stunning family pictures. I will look around, I know I have a number of dots.

Thanks for showing us, ladies. Your dots made me smile

I am too late to your Friday's blog-but are dots in the (springy) air? I loved them a few years ago than stopped wearing them for a matter(?) and only craving them again now end of winter (but even before seeing your post!). I very much loved to see your way of using them -kind of very Angiesque! And how cute is Sam-I'll have to eat him up, I'm afraid!:-)

I recently wore this outfit on a date with my boyfriend. It was one of those days that it was tough to make plans until the last minute. A little bit of snow early, then changed to on and off rain, a typical depressing winter day.

We went to this nice restaurant that had dancing. We felt like dressing up since that was the only thing we were doing. I hardly ever wear all black, since it reminds me of funeral attire in a way, but the day was so dreary that it felt like an all black type of day. I wore a simple long sleeve black dress whose hemline comes to a few inches above my knees, and my black boots with a 4" heel and a small platform. I wore black polka dot pantyhose, all black yet gave the outfit a bit of a playful look, since we wee out having fun.

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