Apologies for disappearing, I have been through roller coaster since my mom cancer diagnosis a month ago
and was under too much stress to think about shopping and fashion.
But now I need some help with my jeans rut. Before pandemic I was wearing jeans only on weekends but I wear them now almost daily, and I still have only 6 pairs. Out of this 6 pairs 4 are cropped flares and I am not feeling them at the moment, so I am not reaching for them. 2 pairs that are in constant rotation are both classic shapes - full length bootcuts and Levi’s 501 which are I think considered straight leg? And Levi’s pair is also at least a size too big and looking kind of frumpy because of that. So I think I need 1-2 new pairs but I am completely stuck where to start my search. I know that I don’t want cropped flares, and probably no skinnies too, but that is all. What is out there? Any recommendations? What is looking fresh to you? I am open to new silhouettes.In finds is my current collection.