They look perfect to me, but I thought the first set of pictures was good (maybe slightly tight in the rear but these jeans will relax).

Lol to hiring a new photographer. Second view is much better

YES, the second view is better

I am so sorry to hear about your mother's health. I don't have any suggestions to offer you, but those Levis look pretty good to me.
LOL about the phantom penis. Good one.

I really like them on you. I’d like them a bit longer but I’m out in left field on pants length.
I’d unpack them & give it another try......

Baloon and painter jeans arrived. They sent me the wrong size in painter style, so here is the photo of balloon style. Verdict?
Please ignore the mess in the background, it is my husband’s play corner.

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LOVE! These fit soooo much better! Chic.

Please provide the link when you have a moment.

Yes! These do look so much better. The fit does your rear justice More so than the 501s.

Oh wow - those new balloon jeans are perfect for you! I'm almost tempted to try them myself .

And phantom penis is the best thing I've heard in ages. I'm not sure I'll be able to get the visual out of my head.

I am not overall a fan of the balloon jean style (mainly because I know I would look horrible in them) but dang if these don't look good on you.

A forum member years ago called the PP phenomenon "polterwang" and I can never forget that. 

Ah right - polterwant - that was great! Hahahaha.

I am keeping a baloon jeans, I am so surprised that I like them, I ordered them more as a joke, to amuse myself. And they also got approval from the whole family which never happens.

I am little disappointed about 501 because I have sentimental attachment to them. It happened that I wore a pair when I first time met my husband and 2 previous boyfriends. But since I am not looking for a new husband that is fine And out of all jeans I ever had, I received most compliments on them, even recently on my current pair that is now too big, but when it was a correct size.

Such a great fit and look - do keep those balloon jeans! The color/wash is fab - and very cute with your top.

Have you tried shrinking your original 501's? I can get mine down at least a size when I throw them in the dryer after washing. When I'm happy with the size I go back to hanging them to dry.

First, I love the balloon jeans and want to try them for myself -- I got the M&S version but these Levis look even better.

Second, since you have a sentimental attachment to 501s, I think it's worth trying a different pair or different wash of the 501s in the same size. I have found with jeans, sometimes it makes a difference. I do think that camera angle affected our impressions here, and also, the jeans will relax some in the crotch area. As someone with a long rise, I often have that problem and I know from experience that after the first wear the waist and hip stretch just enough to relax the crotch point in this type of style.

Also, the conversation about phantom penis, polterwang, and not needing a new husband cracked me up so much I almost spit out my coffee!

I tried the Madewell balloon jeans in petite and they were absolutely comical on me and went right back.

THIS is how they're supposed to look and I love them on you.

I also thought the 501's looked great too. The balloon jeans just look more trendy and you can really carry them off so you should and I will live vicariously!

Hugs to you and your mom.

First of all, Angie, I'm very sorry to hear about your mum. It's so hard when your parents are not well. I went through this with my father and my father-in-law. And those Covid restrictions make it even harder. My husband's mother lives alone (I imagine it's not that far from your parents...), she is almost 80, we are worried about her all the time, but not being able to visit...
Now about the jeans, of course I think that the first pair fits you great but I agree that the second is even better. I'm tempted to order them myself but know from past experience that this style doesn't work for me. I hear what you're saying about bare ankles, though. I only wear shorter jeans when it gets warmer, which is not yet :-), exactly for the same reason. I admire people who don't care about the cold and wear bare ankles all year round!

Anchie - so glad you are going with the balloon jeans. Very sorry to hear about your Mum.