I have just returned from a holiday to Japan. For my family, Japan is just the most perfect holiday destination, so much fun and LOTS of walking.

April in Japan is cherry blossom season, and we were so lucky to see the blossoms.

I decided to purchase only items that I could get in Japan and wanted to add to my casual clothing capsule - so no work wear, just casual items. My purchases were (all in finds)
Hello Kitty bomber jacket
Nike sneakers - lilac and silver glitter (photographed from hotel window)
Lilac handbag - Samantha Thavasa - a Japanese brand

I also bought 2 hoodies, some t-shirts (one of which is in finds), socks and cherry blossom incense.

Holiday wardrobe worked well. Most valuable players - Doc Marten boots, denim jacket and leather blazer, skinny jeans in dark denim, black and light blue. Bao Bao bag is also the ultimate travel companion, light, waterproof, holds lots, packs flat and looks stylish - can be worn with everything, this one is 3 years old and gets thrashed, but is still as good as new.

Photo 1 - rugged up for dinner in Kyoto, wearing a dress
Photo 2 - son is good at chopsticks! New hoodie (with white peacock motif - so a fun match for my denim jacket)
Photo 3 - Inari shrine Kyoto - we climbed to the top - 233m high and 12,000 steps!
Photo 4 - At a movie studio - me and dolls
Photo 5 - With bonsai
Photo 6 - Temple gardens at night
Photo 7 - Nara deer park - double denim, was practical but not the best look
Photo 8 - Shopping for sneakers in Harajuku (Tokyo)
Photo 9 - the cutest coffee! Wearing new Hello Kitty Bomber in Tokyo
Photo 10 - the streets of Shinjuku (Tokyo)
Photo 11 - the streets of Gion (Kyoto)
Photo 12 - cherry blossoms in Kyoto
Photo 13 - lunch at Donny Taco in West Perth (Australia) - being team wear with new bag and sneakers (not shown). Went here after picking up Westies from the kennel. The flight home was gruelling - left hotel at 6.45am to catch the Narita Express and were flying or in transit for 20 hours. So looking a little worst for wear, good job I have some nice sunglasses to hide behind!