Delicious! Vanilla is refreshing!

Love how the brown accents ground it!

We can't even get TikTok (banned in HK), but from what I've seen, this Vanilla look honestly just reminds me of the Millennial Minimalist aesthetic ('clean beauty' & all that) but in shades of cream (instead of Millennial Pink & pastels). Am I missing something, lol?

You look fabulous as Vanilla Girl! I like this palette on you with the brown accessories.

Love the look and fell down the rabbit hole reading about vanilla and cinnamon girls and glazed donut manicures….

This suits you - so chic.

Zaeobi -it does seem like a lot of renaming/re branding. But I’m sure that the generations before mine said the same thing about our fads. It’s all good

I had no idea what vanilla girl was, as usual I am learning so much from the forum:) Vanilla or not, this is a lovely outfit.

It's all good lol, I was just wondering if there was something else to it (since I can't exactly verify on TikTok). You put a nice spin on it either way!

That is a fantastic outfit. I may copy your LLBean coat.

I would imagine a vanilla girl to be overly fussy, but this is exact the opposite-love it with these speciffic boots and belt-a great much more practical looking (&NOT FUSSY at all) winter white!! YLF!

Beautiful, chic look! Like many others, I know nothing about vanilla girls, but you are looking awesome in this!

You wear vanilla like a dream, kkards! I love the brown accents you added, maybe because they play so nicely with your hair color.

This is definitely your palette!

I’m going to call this “Vanilla Girl With Caramel Topping Aesthetic”.