I'm not sure if this is 'dressing" question or a "shopping" one. It's mostly a response to the blog post, because my comments aren't showing up. Angie, I hope you read it!

I have a crazy odd assortment of jackets I need to go through. This post will be helpful in making decisions. I'm glad there are several shorter length pieces included, because that's what I generally prefer to wear.

But that DvF intrigues me. It looks like it would be a good winter coat in the approx 2 months of highs in the low 40s to mid 60s we get here, for fall commuting if I succeed in moving to a 4-season climate, and and for chilly offices everywhere. Is it likely to wear well and remain stylish enough for a long time (a decade or so)? How finished is the wool? (Important because Merino or other wool sweaters tickle my nose so badly that I got rid of most when I lived in a place with real winter, but I'm fine with four-season wool or a wool pea coat). It looks very versatile, in terms of dressing it up or down and wearing it with many lengths of skirts and pants. Would it work well with black, charcoal, and various shades of brown?