If you have time to kill and are not bored to tears at the thought of a gazillion pictures of me in no makeup and all of my jackets, read on! If you are great at closet editing and want to boss me around, bring it! LOL I welcome opinions.

First up, I’ll post the jackets that I have put in the giveaway pile. If you see something here that you think would be a big mistake to let go of, let me know, but I think these have all had their time.

1 leather and tweed Theory jacket - must be 8 years old. Super cropped in back. I love the tweed but am not wearing these super cropped lengths anymore unless there is a dress that needs that jacket. It’s been in and out of the holding zone a bunch of times and I can’t remember when I last wore it.

2 faux leather and faux fur black jacket. Once I got my new black moto, I never bothered with this anymore.

3 Super cropped muted gold metallic Theory jacket. I took this to London to possibly wear with my navy halter cocktail dress if it got chilly, but didn’t need it. I think I have another jacket that works for that purpose, and I can’t think of any other way I’d wear this anymore. This is probably 9 years old.

4 Muubaa distressed leather jacket. I loved it for a while but now it’s a little snug, and the color seems too dull and the overall vibe is too RATE for what I want to wear now. From maybe 8 years ago.

I’ll post other categories in responses. I figure it will be easier to see things broken down by category.

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