I can kind of understand why I am ok with a smaller closet - I’m a bit overwhelmed here and personally would not be able to enjoy all of these
But - it seems that you do. So what’s the goal here? To edit out a small number for what purpose? A healthy review just to see if they all make you happy? Then mission accomplished already

I agree with the giveaways. There’s a few others where my initial reaction before reading your notes was meh, but are keepers for you. There are several which feel like duplicates to minimal me but you’ve identified their usefulness to you.

A few don’t seem as typically you, like the chore jackets or the burgundy blazer, which reads classic/corporate to me (but the leather details don’t show up well and I’m sure you style it wonderfully). But I’d hardly tell you to get rid of them just for the sake of it.
It’s harder to edit in an beautifully chosen, maximal, expansive closet, I think. If you had two patterned bombers there might be an obvious winner. When there are several quite unique ones and you wear all of them... harder to choose one that’s not as good.

I’m pretty impressed actually, your jackets are beautifully curated. I can see how almost each one is special in its way. I can see that you enjoy trends over classics, but there’s no sense of datedness or bandwagon jumping.

Misc: keep 2, 3, 4. I would let the others (1, 5, 6) go. Your long jackets are all FAB!

Nemosmom, I can really appreciate the perspective and mindset of the smaller-wardrobe crowd. My large wardrobe tendencies are deep-rooted — my mom was a shopper and enjoyed a large wardrobe, but she parted with old things even more reluctantly than I do. I’m trying to find a happy balance with a closet that is not stuffed while still having enough variety to keep me happy.

I like to adopt a trend or two each season but I tend to only take on ones that really speak to me, and take advantage of trends to buy styles that I always like but were previously unavailable. Bootcut jeans for example. A few years ago it was leather mixed media. Certain colors.

One of my style goals is to keep a balance with a bit of sophistication and a bit of rock’n’roll edge or easy casual. If I go too far in any one of those directions, I feel inauthentic.

I’m keenly aware that most of these jackets were purchased when I was in my 40s, in a different phase of life. Many still translate to my current life and body if I style them mindfully, but some undoubtedly can be passed along.

One of my nieces is going to come hang with me tomorrow, and she’s excited I’ve been doing some closet cleaning! She always goes home with something good when that happens. It’s always really good for me to have her try on some of my things I’m on the fence about — if they look great on her and she is enthusiastic about them, I am totally happy to give them away to her. I never feel like my money was wasted if I see someone else enjoy my purchases.

Oh Janet! I thought you were struggling to ruthlessly edit, to make space for new ones, so that is how I approached my comments. I hope I didn’t offend you at all!

Jackets, coats, and blazers are one of the toughest categories for me to cull, since they usually are a more spendy portion of my wardrobe. You have so many I can't even begin to comment individually. So, here's what I do when my closet gets tight: stop looking for the good or the possible or the sentimental in each item and start listing the bad. Some of the bad: sleeves too short, front won't close, color is bleh, style is dated, collar never lays right, fabric is wearing, no longer works with my changing body, haven't worn it in years, etc. Second guessing is not allowed!

You make room for the 'better' to be found and hung in that closet.

Oh, I forgot to mention- those Veronica Beard cutaway fronts seem to do something magical for you. Maybe for everyone? I need to try one on!

Nemosmom, absolutely no problem at all! I do want ruthless opinions! I am open to a ruthless edit, really. I have so much that I could get rid of half and still have plenty of fab options. I totally value and welcome your — and everyone’s — input.

Bennett, you are so right.

I spent way too much of a chunk of yesterday on this little project, but I learned a lot. This is the danger of a larger wardrobe. There is so much that things get lost in the shuffle, and it’s hard to see the parts for the whole.

Some thoughts:

- I don’t tend to miss things that I edit out and give away, maybe because I am so slow to let go, which ensures that I am truly good and ready.

- My mom was a shopper and collector (verging on hoarder). I have those tendencies. I LOVE to shop — I love finding cool things, trying them on, and adding them to my wardrobe. Many of them I love wearing. Some I end up not loving. I am working on recognizing sooner what makes me more likely to enjoy an item once it is in my closet.

- It’s not always obvious what will make something a winner, and some things you just don’t know until you put them through the paces (for instance, a vest that I love the look of has an annoying habit of causing whatever I’m wearing underneath it to slide and shift around — this would never be apparent until it’s actually worn for a day’s activity). When something just doesn’t WORK, be willing to let it go without beating myself up about the wasted $. Don’t waste effort, beyond a try or two, trying to make it work.

- A recurring theme in my notes is that I love a color or pattern, but not always the item itself. I am definitely seduced by colors and prints that I love, but I need to keep the whole picture in mind. I need to recognize some pieces are good for inspiration — note the color or pattern, and keep an eye out for more workable pieces in those palettes. It comes down to the PPP approach.

First: I want all of your cast-offs - this is a beautiful collection!
Second: I totally hear you on the large closet, and each fills a specific need. (there's a reason why I have 4 navy blazers)

I wonder if you grouped by color vs by style if you would find any that stick out as reasons to donate? Eg 3 teal jackets, but 2 are much better than the 3rd? You might not notice it as much when they are grouped by style.

I also think it's worth thinking about your current style direction. If you are looking at a large number that were purchased in a different phase of life, maybe put them all to the side and see what's left in the closet. Then think about which ones are worth adding back in.

Good luck!

First thing ...Sunny and Woody are too precious for words!

I’ll be brief here:
All your motos are fabulous and you wear them well.
All your leather jackets look great.
Love the blazers , you should add more. Very flattering on you
The long jackets /coats , also very flattering add more .
Denim jackets . Love these , very versatile.
The only category I didn’t feel grabbed me was all the floral Moto style. I’m not sure if it’s the lack of structure or the floral print , I am not sure where they fit in your wardrobe, because they are so very different than the others. But they are beautiful prints and probably look great with solids and dresses.

I haven’t read everyone’s response so I’m really not sure where you stand given others feedback..

You have a beautiful collection. You probably know intuitively what stays and what will go.

You are inspiring me to get more jackets. I like that you have different styles and colors in each category. I've been wearing toppers more often since I moved to a cooler climate and I've been getting tired of always wearing the same colors. I need more variety.

This is a great read. I'm sorry I don't have anything substantive to add.

I very much enjoyed the pictures of the your dogs.

Fellow large wardrobe - er reporting for duty like you Janet, I have a large wardrobe, I love to shop, I o almost all that I buy, and my tendencies are deep rooted (inherited from my mom.) But you are inspiring me to do a big purge! I agree with all the ones you are giving away, beautiful as they are, for the reasons you said.

You've gotten lots of good advice Janet but I'll put in my 2 cents' worth. And I'll preface this by saying that I also prefer a moderate-to-generous wardrobe, but unlike you I'm not a jacket person AT ALL. (I own 2 vintage dressy jackets that I rarely wear and..that's it!) Though, as previously stated, jackets:you :: cardigans:me.

-I agree that you should pass on the ones you've slated for donation. They just don't look very fresh to me.

-Denim jackets: can you think of any outfit you'd wear with the gray jacket that you couldn't sub in the white one (SO crisp and flattering!) or another in this category instead?

-Bombers: DEFINITELY KEEP the item in pic #3!! Can you think of any outfit you wear with #4 that you couldn't wear with #1 or #2 instead (1, 2, and 4 all seem pretty similar to me)? What would you wear to the rock show if you didn't have #7? #6 seems like not your colors tbh but I understand that the weight of this jacket may fill a need.

-Motos: In an ideal world, what would you wear with your navy halter dress? Could that item also go with other dresses/outfits? (I ask because there are two jackets that you're considering keeping to wear with the navy halter dress, but how often do you wear it? Maybe this jacket is worth keeping for now, but be on the lookout for a replacement that would be more versatile.) Would you ever choose #10 over #11 or #12?

-Blazers: pass along #3 but look for more of this color. I've done this so many times! Bought something for the color but the other details weren't quite right and so never wore it much and never felt great in it when I did. *solidarity fist bump*

-Misc: #1 and #5 are both rarely worn warm-weather jackets but you like the color of #5 a lot better. Is there anything you'd wear with #1 that you couldn't wear with #5?

-Long jackets -- all beautiful and suit you to a T.


Oh, one last thing: I totally agree with Gretchen's advice to group by color and do another analysis that way. Sometimes I see different patterns depending on how I analyze and that can be really helpful. (Also for example a couple of jackets in the "misc" category look like motos to my eye? Similar cut/proportion in some way.)

I would.. let go of all the first ones, as you planned to do.

If you want to give away more denim jackets, keep 2,3,4 and 6 because it looks practical.
Bombers, keep 1-5, maybe 6, don't love 7.
Moto, wow this is tough, they look just right on you, but 10 can go because 11 is much prettier.
Blazers, goodbye 3. I think it kind of brings your overall look down. The others are super, super great looking on you.
"Misc" 1, 5 and 6 can go, 1 because there's no good time for something that you describe as "not my best color", 5 because your analysis posted after is good and while I like the color I don't think this is the best way to wear it, and 6 because it's a less trim version of 6 from the denim category.

Just as an aside, I really like the more structured items on you and I think you really know how to wear unusual and dramatic styles and look completely at ease.

Huge thank you for the very thoughtful and helpful responses! I have read each one very carefully, but again, I have no laptop at the moment, so it’s too hard to respond to every individual post as I would like.

A big update today: my niece took two big bags of totally fab and beloved but unused pieces to enhance her wardrobe. Included in that haul were three of my jackets. This is a huge win-win for her and me. I have zero guilt or regret about spending on wonderful designer pieces if they end up with her. Many of them will be useful for her work. We are a similar size (she is a rectangle though), so this often works out well for us.

Based on some of the feedback here, and some of my own analysis and reflection, I am considering editing a few more jackets besides those initial four. I have a couple set aside for now, but the more I think about them, the less attached I feel about them. Two more are in a bag to go to the ranch (grey denim and chore jacket). I’m considering taking the dark patterned puffy bomber to the ranch too. The ranch is the best holding zone! If I never want to use it there, it ends up getting donated. And in the years I have been taking things there, only one item has ever come back home to be used again in my regular closet.

I think you did great! And, I can so can relate with "love a color or pattern, but not always the item itself. I am definitely seduced by colors and prints that I love, but I need to keep the whole picture in mind. I need to recognize some pieces are good for inspiration"...

Janet, wow - what an amazing collection! I am another small closet lady, BUT you are a team wear member, especially when it comes to jackets - so I think you should keep what you are happy to keep and not worry about some 'duplication' (by my small-closet mentality, that is).

I agree with your donate pile, and the only one of your not-sures that I'd give away is the chore jacket - the over-sized fit doesn't seem to jive with your polished-edgy style, and if you're not wearing it much, it probably doesn't need to be in the collection. The velvet blazer that you wondered might be too classic I think would look amazing with an edgy necklace.

The cobalt bomber is amazing!

Helena, my niece is now the happy owner of the velvet blazer! She said she recently tried one at WH/BM and liked it but it was a little expensive, and it was black. This teal one is perfect for her life (she is a therapist and gets way more use out of blazers and other professional clothing than I do) and teal is her favorite color too!

Great haul of jackets!

I think the first set could all go. The denim jackets I like all - with the exception of #5 (it's just too rate for me and I don't like non-collared denim jackets).

The bomber I like the most is #2 (black with embroidered). The other ones are harder for me to judge as I just don't wear bomber styles.

Blazers I like are the more statement ones in black - the burgundy seems a bit safe and maybe too classic.

I'll have to look at the others more to make comments.

Okay, back to add - I kind of like all of the moto jackets for you - probably because it's a style that I feel you really like and I'm most used to seeing on you here in WIWs. The long jackets all seem nice. The misc. jackets are kind of in that utility category to me - if you use them, I'd keep, if not, then I don't think they necessarily add a lot of style impact.

One thing I'm noticing is that the majority of your jackets are short-and, though different styles, serve the same purpose? Especially with jacket season being just a couple weeks in spring and fall. But-take it with a grain of salt, since I keep a small wardrobe (rebelling against my own "maximalist" mother)!

Suntiger, I wear those jackets as outfit completers in winter, with a roomy coat over if necessary. Since I’m not running as cold these days as I used to, jackets are useful for fall and winter for me. Maybe that makes up for not needing them at all in the summer!