I’m on what feels like a totally futile hunt for a few more pairs of summer pants. I’m totally on team “high rise tyranny” as discussed in Viva’s thread from a few weeks ago https://youlookfab.com/welookf.....-high-rise I have enough jeans and shorts. I don't want to wear dresses very often, although I do wear them occasionally. I’ll skip the long diatribe on the “whys” and will just say that I’m seeking the following:

Summer pants (not jeans) with a mid rise (9.5” ish), slim/straight legs (not skinny or wide), inseam of 27-28” (no crops), woven fabric (not knit), waistband/zipper (not pull-on), casual style but not joggers/cargos unless fairly refined with flat or no side pockets (no tech/hiking pants or “dress pants”), darkish or neutral colors (not thrilled with black but maybe…). Probably prefer a classic style but willing to try something a bit trendy. Might be ok with a slight bootcut leg but really prefer a straighter style with sneakers/sandals. I generally stick to lower price points but am willing to spend more for the right piece .Kinda willing to throw budget out the window for the right option ...

I've tried sizing up on pants that are too skinny, and that has some promise, but have not found any specific ones that work. Plus sizing up typically means a higher rise.

I’m ready to give up and put my effort into perfecting my laundry bottleneck dance, but am hoping maybe some of you have
some suggestions.
Thanks in advance!

What I Have Now (Finds 1 - 6)

  • ON skinny khakis in 3 colors; have gotten really tired of the skinny leg style
  • Lucky olive camo pants that I like a lot
  • Gap Factory chinos in olive that work but don't look great
  • Lemon yellow pull on pants that I don’t feel like wearing much

Possibilities (Finds 7-11)

  • The Athleta Brooklyn fits really well but the fabric is so thin that it accentuates the lumpage/bumpage on my thighs unless they are black.
  • Kut possibility if I want another camo print in lighter colors and can find them somewhere other than Nordstrom
  • LLBean has a couple of possibilities but they are kind of ho-hum

Where I’ve Looked

  • I have very few boutiques near me and the are all doing only high rise pants these days.
  • Talbots – has a chino that works but I’m between sizes in a way that alterations would not fix
  • Loft – no mid rise
  • BananaR – all the mid rise pants are skinny
  • Anthro – no mid rise anything
  • Macy’s – very few
  • Zappos – nope
  • Nordstrom – the Kut ones
  • Old Navy - nope
  • ...and others ...
  • Interested in but have not tried Sundance or Boden or because the shopping/returning would start at $25-ish and maybe be higher than that. Still considering doing this.