My second week of (mostly) OBGs. One of these doesn’t include any items more than five years old. Once again, it’s taken me more than a week to put together a week’s worth of outfits, because of how I live/dress. All of these were worn around the neighborhood, or maybe shopping. These OBG posts are the first times I’ve looked at my WIWs together. I notice several things:

* I really do wear a lot of old stuff. I hope I do it in ways that look current, not like a time traveler. Please correct me if that’s not right. Did the “all new” (everything under 5 years old) outfit jump out at you?

* I wear heels a lot more than I realize! In my mind, I wear flat shoes, but in reality, it looks like I wear ~2” heels a lot, at least in winter. Quelle horreur!

* there is a real difference between theory (what I think I’m going to wear) and practice (what I actually have on when I’m out & about with all the accessories).

* I tend towards accessory complements that coordinate in a way that isn’t matchy-matchy: black cap with scarf that has black in paisley; cap & mittens in cream tie in with the cream-colored bag that has red in the strap, which ties in with boots & jacket; black in the red&black strap ties in with black jacket, cap, and boots; fur on the vest ties in with my hair and the cream of the bag.

* the warm, tonal dressing I sought with berry colors has become reflexive and is edging into pink. That’s good, because I, myself, can come off as sharp. I tend towards irony and “analytical” thinking. That’s what comes easiest to me, but for people who don’t like them or who they aren’t natural to, they often feel dofficult, maybe even like an intentional challenge, so softening this with my look is good. Otoh, #10 shows a danger I need to avoid—that posture is soft & wishy-washy. I do not want to come off as someone’s stereotype of the sweet old lady in soft rosy shades. That’s why I juxtapose the pink with harder elements like the moto & combat boots, or the bright red. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. Does the softening/not too soft strategy work, or do they cancel each other out?

The Outfits
2-4 Soft Surroundings hi-lo sweater, ca 2012. Bought in Florida, but too warm to wear there.
Ann Taylor curvy fit jeans 2010, same story as the sweater.
Uniqlo heat tech thermal 2019 peeks out at neck, wrists.
OG moto jacket—long story I’ll tell in another post. Pre 1984.
Liz Claiborne boots 2003
Paisley scarf given to me by dear family friend when I was in high school or college—came in handy when I realized I’d forgotten my mask!
Black gloves & boucle cap—probably acquired 2010-18.
This outfit reminded me that it really is time to pull the trigger on a longer jacket, after collecting finds for the last couple years.

5-6 Pink NYDJ Jeans 2018
Rough edge sweatshirt ca 2017
Ginger T-neck ca 2017 (These two were Florida “winter” purchases that worked there, in one of my first YLF lessons—the sweatshirt is thin and the T-neck is sleeveless)
Red puffer 2018
Red suede ankle boots 2019
LeSak ca 2018
14 late add—Hat & mittens I took off for “it’s windy!” pix & forgot to put back on for y’all.

7-9 & 15 Uniqlo Airism leggings 2020
Urban Outfitters ruffle on my butt ca 2016. Another Florida purchase that couldn’t be worn there, because it requires leggings or tights, which are too hot.
Ann Taylor cotton granny cardi ca 2017. A sweater I could wear in Florida—yay! But I enjoy this cut in a tongue-and-cheek way. I hope people I encounter get the humor.
Uniqlo heat tech top 2019
OG black moto as above
Combat boots 1996
Ulta headband 2017
Mohair scarf, mid ‘80s, gift from my grandma
LeSak as above
Blue suede gloves Laimböck 2020 (Getting in my cobalt & blue combo!)
Blue readers from drug store—I go through them terribly quickly

10-11 Ann Taylor curvy fit jeans as above
Hollister vest as above
LeSak as above
Rough edge sweatshirt as above
Ginger T-neck as above
Born oxfords ca 2017
Yep, I really am all about the remix
Went out with one bag, returned with two—grocery store has had these simple cotton totes for ages; I had noted them for when one of our others dies. They are now restocking with green, so of course I had to pick up the last berry one. (It also matches the circles under my eyes, which is why I usually wear concealer, sigh).

12-13 Hannah Andersson black sweatshirt dress/tunic ca 2008
Hue leggings ca 2016 when I was too big for them. One of quite a few black-and-white patterned pieces that snuck into my closet and made a capsule when I wasn’t looking.
Liz Claiborne tall boots 2003
Creme scarf knit for me by my mother, ca 2015
LL Bean espresso bomber jacket ca 1992
LeSak bag and random black gloves as above
I like the look of the open jacket much better than the horizontal blocks when it’s zipped up, but warmth won, no contest, when I was outside.

Thanks for looking! As always, I appreciate comments on what works, what doesn’t, possible improvements, and what could be set aside for now—or forever.

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