Today’s a lousy day, because of a hematoma/bruised muscle, but really, people have surprised me by being unnecessarily nice this week.

First off, my numbers in the challenge. I’m way behind now, for the happy reason that it remains too warm for any of the toppers and a couple of the other items too, as explained below. Fwiw, here they are, but I think I’m dropping out before Sal flunks me, lol.
Blue/white 2-piece dress top—2
Blue/white 2-piece dress skirt—2
Pink suit skirt—1
Pink suit top—1
Pink suit jacket—1 or 2
Mini 2-piece dress top—1
Mini 2-piece dress skirt—0
Black silk shirt—1?
Purple cardi—0

Here’s my week
1-3 The J Petermann linen top has been with me since their close-out sale in the 90s, but I never wore it until my son’s graduation earlier this month. It is wonderfully comfortable. New Hee clog sandals were begging me for the 70s treatment, so here they are with new jeans. I stopped at the bike shop for nuts & bolts because the tread is worn out in the eyes to hold screws for the rack. The guy tried these, those, then said “I might as well put it on for you” & did it. The bracelet was a birthday present from my sister 4 years ago.

4. This top is part of the challenge. I wore it a few times earlier this year with black or blue jeans and a body suit. The matching skirt is 16”, my minimum, but I was more comfortable wearing tights with it a month ago. I've decided not to pressure myself about not wearing the 2- piece dress this summer. The fabric is fairly thick & warm; I think it’s best reserved for late spring or for the occasional cool summer day—on this one, the high temp was 70. Jeans are Gap baby boot cuts from the 90s.

5-7 back at the pool and the swan pond. My QR code wasn’t scanning, so the guy said I must be there at the wrong time or day. I checked it out—wrong location! He winked & tipped his head toward the entrance. I had a great swim. The “belt” in 6 is my bike lock again. The cygnets are growing nicely, but still live under parental supervision. Velour hoodie dress was bought 18 years ago for momming around town, but then I realized I couldn’t nurse my baby if I had it on & set it aside—until now! Shoes are K-Swiss tennis shoes.

8-9. No clogs, but still feeling the 70s. Could never figure out when to wear the fringed top in Florida. Same headband as 15-17. The jeans are new, but unfortunately too big. It’s not just the waist; I could pinch an inch (remember that ad from the 70s?) of extra fabric at my hips & thighs too, so another round has begun. I love the buttons on the Gap jeans, so fingers crossed they’ll fit!

11-12 When I asked the cobbler for a couple more holes in the belt, he took out his awl & did it right away, had me try it, made a couple more, and then waved bye bye & told me to have a good day. Sweet! I still don’t have the ideal bra for the Scooby Doo dress, have tried all these & returned them all except the one you see in 12, which might be good enough. Dress is Local Motion, bought in Honolulu 1996. Bracelet is a Cinar remake from the Met.

How to get your pants hemmed for free: when you go to pick up leather jackets with repaired lining, don’t be angry that they aren’t finished. Do ask how quickly they can put in a hem, then go next door to eat an ice cream cone while you wait. When you return to them pressing the pants, return the smile & “see you next week!”

13-14 I’m not sure what’s going on here—in the pic where you see my shoes, I feel like the proportions are off, with the skirt way too big. Chopping my feet off makes it better. How can that be? Temps were starting to go up. I had thought the linen skirt would be ideal but in fact the lining made it quite warm & sticky. Not a summer item! I’ll keep it because it’s part of a set, might try it with burgundy & ice pink this fall.

15-16 summer fabrics for real—the “new” silk Paige pants that were joggers until I took the elastic out. Maeve blouse, 80% rayon, 20% linen. I’m at the German Historical Museum, which tells the official German view of 1000 years of history. I picked the 3:30 time because that’s the hottest part of the day. The pseudo-suede bag was my mom’s in the 70s. It is just the right size for a laptop, which I used in a cafe after the museum.

Sorry about the readers in some of these. Honestly, I’m so reliant on them they are basically part of my look these days. Does anyone even need finds for my posts? My clothes are (mostly) not from the 70s but are nearly all at least a few years old.

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