The last time I showed these, the rise was too short. While they’ve been waiting through months of pandemic for me to take them to the second-hand shop, I’ve realized that “rise” is not purely a vertical measurement. I usually think it = height of waist - height of crotch, but in fact there is a horizontal component. If fabric gets used up going out and around a sideways football tucked under your waistband (my weight-gain pattern), then you need more to make it up, and maybe back in, to the waist. Forgive me if this is not a new lightbulb for you the way it was for me.

I generally am not into joggers, but this pair fascinated me when I was heavier, so I bought them as a goal item. I don’t remember what they cost, other than not much, and they’re 100% silk, which is a wonderful fabric.

I just pulled them out of the bag to see if they reach up and around to my waist, now that I’ve lost some of my lower tummy. My verdict: the rise is fine now, but the legs are too short.

The fabric at the bottom wraps around the wide elastic band. I’m thinking about getting out my seam ripper to see how they look sans elastic—I love the fabric that much.

What do you think?

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