Ah, the Sock Monkey approach! I love the look of grey brightened up with red and white. Classic.

So glad you got it after all! It’s very cute. Good call.

Oh, yay! You are as stunning as ever in gray. I never doubted that you would look fantastic in gray, but how cool that you are also enjoying it!
How does this affect your general feelings towards gray?

Lovely use of graphic T!

Whoa! You look great and the bright red with the soft gray is magic. The pearls also add a lot. As to the sweater message, perfect! Love it all.

I actually like gray, and this sweater is adorable and looks great on you!

Thank you ALL so much! Sorry I could not respond properly - had computer trouble all day. Sorted now, thankfully.

It's a pullover, not a tee, btw,

Preppy Pear and Becky, good questions. We all have colours and neutrals we do not gravitate toward. Black, grey, purple, and muddy colours are those for me usually. So although I LOVE this grey graphic pullover, I will not be building a grey capsule until my emotions change

La Ped and Joy, you crack me up.

I do love this on you and how it signs the crisp separates - less optic and stark than white. I'm glad you listened to your heart!

So happy it worked out for you!!! I absolutely love it with the red accents (my red loving twin). Smashing and cheeky! I rand across this the other day and thought of you.

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Thanks, ladies.

CUTE brooch!

I finally ordered the dog sweater from Boden, and then realized Nordstrom is offering it too. I think I’ll be able to work it in with my other dozen grey sweaters. Just kidding - I don’t really know how many I have.

I don't know how I would get dressed without grey in my wardrobe!

You are so adorable, and I think this sweater is great in this outfit. I wish I was this creative

Gotham thug dangling off building: " Who are you !!?? "

Grey garbed vigilante: " I'm Bat-Ange ! " ( turns to camera with a glinty smile and a " ping ! " sound effect )