when you love something you can make it work....emotional dressing at it's best...
YLF...love the pops of red

Fun and so cute (in a grown up way). Honestly, I think of pale grey (like your top) as silver without the shine, not really grey.

Love love love!!!

Love it! You have styled it perfectly and it is such a winner. I bet your client could not stop smiling at your fab sweater. I am sure that this sweater will be your go-to for dog walks.

I love it! Now I am tempted and I don't wear grey.

Love this on you! I was wrong!

Perfection! Never say never...

...which is fab on you-Angie!-but I'm partial to grey, I always found it a sophisticated and delicate shade!

I love this on you! Gray and red are a fabulous combination. Really though the gray tee will be nice with a lot of your brights.

Super cute! The red brings it to life!

Impressed how you made your outfit incorporating grey maximal. No one would ever have that first impression of grey!

The color looks fab on you and hey, the sentiment outweighs the color any day!

and we didn't wear grey why again?! This is so darned adorable!

I love it ! Now I need the dog sweater, I bought the dog print dress from Boden last year and its a big favorite.Love Boden.

I knew it! The version I ordered as a gift arrived yesterday and it’s so stinking cute. Your styling is spot on, of course.

Grey is not one of my happy colors but I couldn't resist this BR sweater at the consignment store. The lighter stripes are a pale metallic gold, which are more harmonious with my skintone.

Your smile says it all: fabulous!

There are not enough words in this world to say how fab your outfit is!!! I am about to pull the trigger on those boots! Although I have to be boring and get black. Angie, I am so inspired!!!

I knew you could make this top work for you. It's perfect!

Yippee!!! Mine arrived yesterday too and I love it as well. Twinsies! <3

Fantastic! Never say never, right!

Pretty darned adorable. Especially like it with the pearls and gold initial necklace and the red outwear, booties, and specs. As always, your smile is your best accessory.

It is perfect for you! I love the red with it.

Grey is my second go-to neutral next to black. You look fab.

Perfect example of fancying up a more casual but really cute top.

Love that shade of grey with your pretty hair!

You look wonderful in this shade of gray. I don't like to wear gray either, but have learned that the right shade of light gray looks just fine and feels good on me.

Thank you all so much! You’re lovely and awfully gracious!

Sorry I can’t comment fully today. I’m having computer challenges and am only on my phone.

HaHAH! I knew it! The grey looked light enough to me that I suspected it would be brilliant with your brights. You wear it well!

A lovely look on you.Grey and red is a classic combination.