I seem to have lost my absolute favourite, best, and the most personal piece I have ever owned: my beloved silk chiffon Alexander McQueen classic skull scarf. It makes me sad just to type this.

I've owned this piece for probably 10 years, and it was a carefully thought-out, planned for and EXPENSIVE item. It became my signature, and I wore it every winter and with almost everything I owned. It went to formal and casual occasions and if I was out in a restaurant , I never took it off for fear of losing it. I babied that thing, making sure it didn't catch in a zipper, hung it up to air out and rarely cleaned it (which sounds grosser than it is).

And now it's gone. I have not totally torn the house apart quite yet - thinking that as long as I haven't done that, it might still be around somewhere, but I have faced the fact that it's likely been taken or I dropped it somewhere. I have looked everywhere it should be - and now it's been a few weeks. So what do I do ? Replacing it will cost even more now that it did 10 years ago, and somehow feels mercenary and impersonal . There is one on eBay that has been preworn (and that is making me uneasy) and new ones are not sold everywhere (Nordstrom doesn't stock it, for example). I also have this fear of ordering it, wearing it, and then promptly finding my original.

I have never felt this way about an item of clothing or an accessory before - this was truly *my*scarf. What would you do?

eta: I have no experience buying off of eBay. Other than checking the seller's score and comments, how can I make sure I'm getting what I'm paying for? This particular seller is offering a pre-worn "authentic" McQueen scarf the same as mine, but how do I know it's the real thing? And yes, that absolutely matters in this case. Any ebay tips and tricks most welcome here.