Last summer I dabbled with boho when the top (pic below) spoke to me. It became a wardrobe workhorse and will go back into rotation when it gets a little warmer.

I was wondering if boho was more than a seasonal (fall) thing and snapped the picture below at the big Bay in downtown Toronto last week, with the intention of posting and enquiringly about the trend....

You're sweet, Jaime. Thanks for the kind words and astute comments. Sure, that can be a moniker.

Carla, Boho is seasonless, and always in style. It's an iconic style persona.

Joy, I tried on the blouse again this morning to figure out exactly why the muu-muu works on my slight frame. The neck is wider than I like, but I push it back and Bob's your uncle. I can fit two of me in the torso - no exaggeration - but as I said before, the drape of the fabric is exceptional, so it hangs in a streamlined way. Perhaps my height and long arms help a bit too. And then of course - the concept of JFE works wonders.

Interesting conversation here. It reflects how we're all exploring styles as opposed to tolerating 'the new.' The Boho-Lite movement embraces fluidity, romanticism, a return to prettiness and pattern. Some of us wore this style as maternity clothes and post-birthing wear, esp in the 70's. When I see boho blouses on the rack, they often bring a smile to my face. And that's lovely, to be happy, to say yes to what pleases our hearts.

Yes, I have changed my mind about jeans lately. I've shifted from only preferring dark wash, trouser-y styles or skinnies to embracing the worn and faded look. From "a little dressy" to "a little messy."

The whole boyfriend craze didn't really pull me in because I hate fussing with belts all day long, and because the rolled-up cuffs at my ankle were always ungainly and coming unrolled throughout the day. Thus a look that really appeared casual and thrown-together would actually become a high-maintenance chore.

Angie you have always looked very polished and modern to me. I think of your blouses as hints of Boho. Your hair has a Duran Duran influence which works well with the hint of Boho.
I need to really tone down the Boho. I just look Boho. Longish hair with bangs yells Flower Child. Boho is like comfort food for me. I go near anything Boho and the music starts. Age of Aquarius.

I love how you explain your ever evolving style and also have a laugh about previous opinions.

I never thought I would wear white jeans because a) I would just stain them right away and b) black has always been my easy and safe grab-and-go colour (white is such a statement :-)). Well, now my new white jeans are just waiting for the weather to warm up so we can have fun.

I think I'm going the other direction, away from boho to a more streamlined look. I used to love Isabel Marant, but now I find it too much in many ways, too casual, too much print, too 'flowy', too ethnic, too romantic and dainty. I still like her style a lot, but I'd rather incorporate just a very small dose for myself. I become a great fan of Weekend Max Mara and Sportmax which I find quite bold, fun and fascinating, especially when it comes to colours and patterns.

This just in: Karl Lagerfeld has been spotted wearing a peasant blouse.