what should they be?

Irina's comment on her Shopping Hits post earlier today about how keeping her denim collection current was important to her really hit me today as I was trying to get dressed for a lunch date with a girlfriend.  My jeans suck.  

My denim collection, while large-ish, is NOT current nor particularly satisfying from a style standpoint.  There is nothing representing new looks like cropped wide legs, barrel legs, longer wide legs, mom jeans, relaxed straights, "wedgie" cuts etc.   Nada.  I'm not stuck on skinnies or anything, but everything is very basic - Gap GF jeans (which are really just basic straight legs on me) , some cropped kick flares, and a few BF styles.  I have one pair of flared long black jeans in quite a dark wash, but I have yet to wear them as long flared jeans in my winter environment are silly . Plus I have no sweaters or tops that seem to work with them.

Anyways.........I took some quick peeks in some mall stores today but only had my usual limited time, and found NOTHING of interest.  Even the Gap here doesn't have their more fashion forward styles.  Plus I know I can't buy on the run like I usually do - because it's NEVER successful.  

I would love to have a newer , current looking pair of jeans, have  little time to spend shopping and trying on, (also little inclination ,as trying on jeans is right up there with a trip to the dentist as fun things to do ) and get frustrated browsing websites.

So if you were able to buy just ONE new pair of jeans , what would you buy?  I'm seriously lost. I saw the Levi's Wedgie at the Bay , and nearly burst out laughing. I picked up my size - a 28 - and the waist looked TINY.  

Help ?